Royal baby shares planetary influences with mom and dad

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Like the ocean’s tides, planetary influences reach Earth’s terrestrial shores wave after endless wave, washing away the sandcastles of yesterday while sculpting the edifices that house our current hopes and dreams.

Because the ten spheres (Sun, Moon and the 8 planets) tracked by stargazers are situated at different distances from our home planet, they contribute to the overall energy matrix while following unique, individual cycles. The Moon—placed closest to Earth—travels around the zodiac’s sky circle of 360 degrees every 28 days. Far-off Pluto, on the other hand, requires almost two and a half centuries (248 years) to accomplish the same feat.

Because the Earth moves eastward one degree every four minutes, even twins have slightly different horoscopic patterns. From the astrologer’s perspective, people (and all other things that rise and fall in nature) are like snowflakes—no two are alike.

That being said, many things nevertheless share similarities, and this is often reflected in the planetary patterns found within the same family.

England’s newest addition to the royal family was born under skies that connect him firmly to both parents. Prince George Alexander Louis is a Sun sign Cancer (July 22, 2013), like his father, Prince William (June 21, 1982). His Full Moon in Capricorn (Cancer’s opposite sign) is close to the Sun in his mother’s chart. Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton) was born on January 9, 1982.

Indeed, William and Kate typify the commonly occurring “opposites attract” theme in nature, her Capricorn and his Cancer serving as the two complementary sides of the circular yin-yang symbol.

Everything in nature has a time and a place. Life is experienced in cycles that come and go and then come back again, not unlike the seasons.

The planet pattern unique to an individual offers a blueprint of life’s journey that lies just ahead. The body’s sensitive areas and nutritional needs are clearly marked, along with the most probable career paths, personality traits and glimpses into everything from soul mates to academic majors.

When the time and place for something to happen manifests in the physical world, then it happens—never before nor afterwards. Leaving this mortal coil just as Prince George was drawing his first breath, Chicago cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina passed away from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs). A Pisces by Sun sign, Farina has three of his ten spheres located in Gemini, the sign governing the lungs. He died on the first day of Leo, the sign that rules the heart and the circulatory system, and, thus, blood clots.

By virtue of having four spheres in the sign of the Crab, Prince George will share his father’s Cancerian sensitivities. The stomach, digestive system, esophagus, pancreas, breasts and elbows will be body areas in need of protection, nurture and exercise. During the recent month of Cancer, scientists announced the perfection of an artificial pancreas, giving hope to millions of diabetics. The primary zodiac sign dealing with food, Cancer also witnessed the demise of celebrity chef Paula Deen and the return of Twinkies.

Before listing useful foods for Prince George, a glance at his astrological chart could prove instructive. The circle in the diagram’s center represents the Earth. The sky surrounding our planet is divided into 12 spaces that we refer to as Houses. The 1st House cusp is located on the eastern horizon, where the Sun, planets and stars appear to “rise,” while the 7th House cusp is the western horizon or sunset point. The 10th House cusp is the point overhead at birth.

The child was born in London at 4:24 p.m. with four of his 10 spheres located in the 8th House in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the Sun are located at the 5th, 6th, 13th and 29th degrees of Cancer, respectfully.

Herbs and natural foods that could enhance Prince George’s well-being include papaya, to assist in protein digestion. A juice glass filled with this delicious nectar enjoyed during meals assures a thorough breakdown of the denser foods on his plate. Chamomile and mint teas keep the stomach settled and offer a flavorful, calming after-dinner beverage.

Prince George’s four Cancerian planets are placed in the 8th House, the space under the influence of Scorpio. As fortune would have it, this chart features a Scorpio rising, with the 27th degree of the Scorpion sitting on the cusp of the 1st House of the Body. This pattern sensitizes the Scorpio-ruled areas of genitals, reproductive organs, prostate gland, bladder and rectum. Snacking on unsalted, raw pumpkin seeds will provide enough zinc to maintain a healthy prostate gland. Saw palmetto berry extract can reduce the size of an enlarged prostate should the baby find this problematic in old age.

Born a mere 32 minutes short of the Sun’s annual entry into the sign of Leo, Prince George may have sensitivities in the areas of the heart, circulatory system, spleen, upper back and spine. Hawthorn berry tea can strengthen the heart muscle, and the powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has been proven to boost heart health.

As the water sign of Cancer rules the mother, the family and the hearth and home, the child will be very close to the mother and other female relatives. Living near water and learning how best to protect the denizens of the deep could become an important mission in life. A Full Moon in Capricorn—the sign of the father—seals the deal in young Prince George’s sky influences—this is a child who will be strongly influenced by both parents.

Prince George will show great ability in the realm of understanding and working with material resources, both financial and environmental. If he responds to the highest expression of this influence, he will become a powerful force for supporting green causes, much in the footsteps of his grandfather, Prince Charles. The material resource houses are the opposing 2nd and 8th Houses, where the child’s Moon and Pluto pairing and the aforementioned Cancer cluster of four spheres lie, respectively. The Scorpio Rising in the eastern sky compounds this influence.

The world wishes for peace and good health for everyone, especially our children. As a food-related Cancer, Prince George may become an advocate for a well-fed world. Somewhere above his paternal grandmother, Princess Diana, who sought to end global hunger, is smiling!

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