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2013-09-14T13:30:00Z The Boomer TourBob Coolman
September 14, 2013 1:30 pm  • 

I think it was the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who first said that “Necessity is The Mother of Invention” (actually, he said it in Greek – so it wasn’t quite the English proverb that’s familiar to us today.)

It was back in the late 70’s that Coolman Communities did its first “Empty Nester” neighborhood here in Valpo. We perceived that there was a need (that’s necessity) for something other than the typical three and four bedroom two-story, split-level and tri-level family houses that were the norm in the marketplace. Folks who had entered the stage in life where kids were gone, and they had the time and the resources to engage in a different lifestyle, no longer needed multiple bedrooms, lots of steps, expansive yards, and loads of maintenance — quite the opposite.

So, Coolman Communities began the "invention" process that has ended up giving us some significant level of expertise in meeting that need. We don’t know that we’ve learned everything in the last 35 years about developing neighborhoods and building homes for these “empty-nester” folks – but we’ve sure learned a lot.

And if you happen to be something of a baby boomer, and maybe are in the stage of life we described above, the next two weekends might be your opportunity to get out and take a look at the whole range of Coolman Communities’ neighborhoods that address those needs — no matter what your price range. Because, you see, we've learned that there’s not just one set of needs, or one price range, that will work for everyone.

So over the course of the next two weekends, we’re holding “The Boomer Tour” – our own sort-of “Parade of Homes” (and neighborhoods) where you can touch, taste and feel the range of “inventions” that we’ve developed to meet those needs. Now, keep in mind that some of our neighborhoods aren’t exclusively “active adult” – they’re mixed use - because we’ve learned that some “boomer-type” folks, while living in a home that really does address their needs, want to live in a neighborhood where all kinds of folks live. Having said that, some of our other neighborhoods are “exclusively” active adult. No matter – one way or another, you’ll be able, in one or two days, to visit a whole variety of neighborhoods and model homes - in a range of prices, that speak to the issue.

So ladies, get your husband’s 63 Stingray or 65 Mustang out of the garage and on the road, and come visit us in any or all of the neighborhoods we’ve “invented”.

North Hampstead: Just off of Calumet Ave. on Valpo’s north side (tucked in behind the La Peep Restaurant), homes (including home-site) in North Hampstead start at $149,900.00 (our 2 bdrm. 2 bath Regent model with 989 incredibly efficient sq. ft.). Our 3 bdrm. model, the 1507 sq. ft. Carrington, with a few whistles and bells, is priced @ $189,900.00.

Essex Park: South of Valpo about a mile on IN 2, homes in Essex Park start @ 192,558.00 (the 1544 sq. ft. Southridge). Our model home, the Bancroft @ 1593 sq. ft., with a few “upgrades” (granite counters, etc.) is priced @ $209,800.00. But if you want to live in Essex Park, you’ll have to hurry – we have just four homesites left.

Fairfield Greens: Have you ever been to Suzie’s Café for breakfast? Tucked into a quiet corner behind Suzie’s (and the Harley Davidson Dealership off of US 30 on Valpo’s south side) you’ll find Fairfield Greens, a neighborhood that was designed from the get-go just for empty-nesters. House and site START @ $213,591.00 for the 1287 sq. ft. Newport. We have a model and several “ready-to-move-in” houses you can go through in Fairfield, priced from $245,700.00 to $283,000.00, ranging in size from 1507 to 1704 sq. ft.

Bridgewater Estates: This is the newest addition to the Coolman Communities’ product portfolio. Off of Country Club Rd. on Valpo’s north side, we’ve “resurrected” a neighborhood that was stalled by the recession. While we don’t have a completed model you can go through yet, you can go through our model-under-construction, the 1970 sq. ft. Wilson, on a full basement with all the goodies that empty nesters are looking for, priced @ $351,000.00. Prices in BWE will start @ $250,000.00 for home and site.

The Prairie at Aberdeen: Have you ever heard of custom empty-nester homes? While we do have a “product portfolio” at The Prairie that starts in the mid 200’s for home and site, we’re getting ready to begin development of Phase 2 – and there we’ll be able to do just about anything anybody wants to do – full basements, 3 car garages – even homes up to 4000 sq. ft. Our newly completed model, @ 1884 sq. ft. on a full basement with all the whistles and bells, is priced at $347,800.00

All of our Active Adult (or empty-nester, or baby boomer, or whatever) neighborhoods are designed to minimize maintenance, eliminate stairs, maximize space – and make that new lifestyle just what you’ve been looking for. And because Coolman Communities is Indiana’s leader in Energy Conservation and “Green” building, you can rest assured that the investment you make today will pay you back over and over again.

We’ll be open today and Sunday (and again next Saturday and Sunday), from noon to 4 p.m.

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