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Are you a super gardener or looking to start your own gardening business? If you answered yes, then you have probably already looked into the option of building or purchasing your own greenhouse. Good thinking.

Greenhouses can be great investments that pay for themselves multiple times over. They allow you the opportunity to grow plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables year round without the worry of climate or weather damaging them. Although simple in the way it functions, there are some specific steps to building or placing a greenhouse that you need to follow.

How They Work

Greenhouses filter the sunlight through their walls and ceiling and then heat up the air that is trapped inside.

The process helps plants grow while keeping them protected from external climate and weather forces that can cause serious damage.

For optimum performance, even the best designed greenhouses may require the installation of additional heating. This will help keep temperatures at their most effective levels, especially during the winter.


Large, small or somewhere in between, where your greenhouse sits in your yard will have the biggest impact on its successful rearing of produce.

Greenhouses are usually constructed with the longest side oriented toward the south to allow maximum sunlight exposure during the cold winter months. Avoid butting your greenhouse against a barn or in highly shaded areas.

Build Your Own

Constructing your own greenhouse can be a large project, one that with the proper tools and attention to detail can end up saving you a substantial amount of money, freeing up more funding for plants to fill it with.

Before you build, consider the skill level required for your project. A large, intricate greenhouse with multiple corners and sections may require the help of a professional contractor.

A more straightforward design is definitely an achievable project, and can give you the satisfaction of a job well done.

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