Wow – we must have said something right!!!

2012-11-17T00:00:00Z Wow – we must have said something right!!!
November 17, 2012 12:00 am

Last Saturday, on this page, we wrote an article about “All Season Houses” – talking about the kind of houses we’re building at Fairfield Greens in Valparaiso - houses that will meet people’s needs for years and years to come, even as their needs change. We thought the story might resonate with maybe a few folks. Boy were we wrong – we struck a chord with LOTS of folks. Many of you came out to visit with us and we wanted to let you know that we are here awaiting your visit this weekend also.

You’d have thought that King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 3:1) himself must have written the article – after all, he was famous for his wisdom. Pete Seeger wrote the song, based on the Biblical verses:

To everything – turn, turn, turn,

There is a season – turn turn turn,

And a time for every purpose under heaven.

Between them, old King Solomon and Pete Seeger must have known what they were talking about. So – not being entirely brain-dead, we decided that this week we’d just repeat the article – which went like this:

The All-Seasons House - For Just the Two of You at Fairfield Greens Neighborhood built by Coolman Communities.

To every thing – turn, turn, turn,

There is a season – turn turn turn,

And a time for every purpose under heaven.

The Byrds, 1965

Don’t you think that it’s time for builders to build houses that would accommodate all the “seasons” of life? Maybe you could call them “All Season Houses.” Houses that would function well no matter what season of life you were in – houses that you could live in for years and years and years, without needing to move out because of changing needs.

Coolman Communities first began building this kind of home back in the late 70’s – in our Olde Towne Neighborhood in Heritage Valley – it’s just that we didn’t know what to call it back then (we did learn that it was really dumb to call this kind of neighborhood “Olde Towne”, even though we intended the name to be a reflection of the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago!)

We just knew that this kind of house addressed the needs of all kinds of people – especially folks who didn’t have kids living at home. Over the years, the housing industry has tried to “articulate” a name for this kind of house, but never with much success – “Empty-Nester ”, “Universal Design”, “Aging-In-Place”,” Independent Living”, “The Forever Home” etc. etc. etc.. The thing is, all of these define what we’ve been doing for years – finding ways to build homes for people in neighborhoods that would meet their needs for a long, long time.

This is nothing new to us. We’ve been engaged in building neighborhoods like this for nearly 35 years. We didn’t start out to become one of the Midwest’s experts on “All-Season” design - but that’s what happened. In Olde Towne in Heritage Valley, in Morgan Creek and Village Walk in Keystone Commons, in the Cottages of Aberdeen, in Timber-Bridge, in Rockwell Corners, and in Meridian Woods, we’ve found an amazing number of ways to build “All Season Houses” that meet people’s needs today - and will keep on meeting them for as long as they want to live there.

Why should you consider an All-Season house NOW!!! Well, for all kinds of reasons. First, it may be time, maybe for the first time, that you can really have the home that addresses the needs of just the two of you (or the one of you.) And because the housing market HAS improved, now may well be the best time to sell your existing home. Mortgage rates remain at an all-time low (at least for the immediate future), and prices are still at or near the lowest in years (but they can’t stay there for long – we’re already seeing both material AND labor shortages.)

Remarkably, maybe because we’ve become something of an expert in this kind of home, we’ve had an amazing year in 2012. And we’re already booking starts well into 2013.

To experience just SOME of what we’ve learned, we invite you to come to a special open house in our new model in our latest “All Season” neighborhood of Fairfield Greens. Fairfield Greens is tucked into a quiet corner, in the city of Valparaiso, that most folks didn’t even know was there. The association provides lawn care and snow removal! We believe these wonderful cottages represent just about the “perfect” living arrangement for just the two of you in this season of your life. Our homes offer custom plan changes and finishes just for you and we guarantee building time frames.

When you come out you will be able to walk thru our newest model home The Creekside and walk thru several new plans under construction that range from 1400 to 1700 sq. ft.

By the way, we don’t build “All Season” houses JUST in Fairfield Greens. We build them in North Hampstead (prices starting from 167,000), Essex Park (prices starting @ 189,900), Sagamore (prices starting @ $209,000), and the Prairie @ Aberdeen (prices starting @ $239,000.) Come take a look at how the home we build for you today can meet your needs for years and years to come.

Fairfield Greens is just off of U.S. 30 in Valparaiso - tucked in behind the Suzie’s Café on Ore Street, Models are open this weekend the 17th and 18th, Sat. and Sun. from 1 to 4. (We’re also open Tuesday thru Friday from 1 to 4.)

For more information call 219-464-7510. Visit our website

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