2013-07-15T19:00:00Z LETTER FROM THE INTERIM PUBLISHER: Sharing and learningBy Lisa M. Daugherty
July 15, 2013 7:00 pm  • 

We have had feedback on our new section. (Antecdotal as well as in writing, mostly via email.) There are more than a few of you who saw themselves --- vacationing in unknown Florida, obsessively checking FB for posts with new family members, live-streaming an entire season of Arrested Development, keeping track of your deep sleep with a device or taking a close-up photo with a real, high-quality camera --- in the pages of Prime.

But even more readers were prompted to share their own stories: about caring for a loved one who was involved in a devastating accident in mid-life; snorkeling in the Caribbean for the first time at age 63; starting a small business instead of retiring and opening up a spare bedroom for a nephew who is going to grad school while working his way up from a part-time job. You can be sure we will be sharing those experiences in print and online at

Of course, sharing a little bit about your big story only makes me --- a person who looks at data sets several times a day --- want to dig into the details. How did that rambunctious dog you rescued actually fit in with your slightly vain and overweight house cat you have raised since she was a cute baby kitten? You went to the sleep clinic for an evaluation over a month ago, Mom (just kidding)....why don't you look more rested to me? OK, you're in a poetry group that meets every month, so what does that mean? You write poems and then you read them out loud to a bunch of strangers? Then what? You do this because you like it? You think I ought to try it because I spend too much time looking at data sets?

And maybe I will. Everyone can use extra texture, really context applied. We bring different skills sets to the table at work, but we seldom think about how other interests and points of view can make down time so much richer. Sometimes I forget that I was inspired to get an MA by exploring positive aspects of conflict and that I still get a kick out of watching someone with a strong creative mind work his way out of a tough situation.

From my perspective this section is here for discovery and learning some things, some skills maybe, that had never even crossed your mind or your path before.

I didn't always know that the level of curiosity about human behavior that drew me to a career in media wasn't that special. Everyone who is lucky enough chooses his life's work based on what fascinates him. I didn't always know that. But I'm learning.

Lisa M. Daugherty


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