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MICHIGAN CITY – A Michigan City High School student has been arrested on a felony intimidation charge after posting on social media that a shooting would happen at the school on Tuesday, police said.

"Given today’s climate throughout the nation, we as law enforcement take these threats very seriously," Michigan City Police Chief Mark Swistek said.

Even when they're not serious, threats to commit a school shooting can result in arrest and possibly expulsion from school.

That’s what the 16-year old Michigan City High School student who might not have meant what he posted on social media, according to Swistek, is finding out.

The boy was being held Tuesday in the LaPorte County Juvenile Services Center.

According to police, the boy threatened on social media that a shooting would take place at the high school Tuesday.

The posts included a picture of a gun.

Swistek said alarmed parents and students began contacting police Monday night, and within four hours the boy was located and taken into custody.

He said the boy offered what seemed like a very sincere apology.

"In my professional opinion, he didn’t want to do harm to anyone," Swistek said.

According to police, the posts sprung from emotions during an argument the boy was having online with a classmate.

"Everybody communicates with social media nowadays, and when this information is out there we appreciate when the community shares it with us and allows us the opportunity to investigate these matters," Swistek said.

Betsy Kohn, a spokesperson for the Michigan City Area Schools, said the posts were not made at school.

Regardless, Kohn said the boy is facing disciplinary action that could include expulsion under rules governing student conduct.