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Dear Santa

Shown are students at Morrison School in South Porter County, circa 1920;

Last year I did a column of Dear Santa letters from 1906. Many of you liked it, so I'm writing another one  this year. All of these letters are also from 1906 and from across Lake and Porter counties.

Dear Old Santa Claus, We are three little girls and we thought we would write you a letter for we did not know if you would come out here. I am Frances, seven years old. I want a new coat and some candy, and Georgiana is three years old. She wants a rocking-chair, and Vern is two years old. She wants a shoo fly horse. Please don't forget us, Santa. Goodbye. From your three little girls, Frances, Georgiana and Vern Ritter.

Dear Santa Claus, I wish you would bring me a large doll and I wish you would bring me a ring with four sets in it, and some doll clothes. I wish you would bring me a Christmas tree and some candy. Now I will close my letter. From, Florence Baker and my little sister, Mabel, can't write. Who wants the same. Good-by Santa Claus. From, Florence.

Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me a jointed doll with blue eyes and curly hair, a fish game, a meat market, a table, a set of furs for my doll, a story book, a little doll carriage, a dresser, a piano, handkerchief, a telephone, nuts, candy and oranges. I hope you will have enough left for all the other little children. Your friend, Bonnie Ruth Parks.

Dear Santa Claus, Would you please bring me a new plaid dress, pair of button shoes, a doll, go-cart, plaid hair ribbon. Please bring my dress before Christmas because I have to speak and sing in church. Bring me a Christmas tree and nuts and candy, etc. And my mamma wants a new coat, and bring me a globe for my little fish. My sister wants a mandolin. That's all, old Santa Claus. Don't fall down with your big bag. Goodnight. Bring me a pair of glasses, too, and a music roll. Hilda Smith.

Dear Santa Claus, I will tell you what you should bring me for Christmas, as I would like for you to bring me a sled, a game of lotto and a new suit. And do not forget the candy and nuts, dear Santa Claus. I am your little boy, Walter Koenig.

Dear Santa Claus, I want for Christmas a doll and a bracelet and a book called the Roosevelt Bears. I want you to come and see me Christmas. I live at Livingston Hall Room 5503. College Place is the name of the street and I want a bank and flat iron and stand and a little set of dishes and a little stove and the things that go with it. Your Friend Lou Cusik.

Dear Santa Claus, It is getting near Xmas time and I am writing a letter to you to tell you what I want. Please bring me a doll and a bed, a set of dishes, music roll, I would like a game, a sideboard and a doll buggy, and a pair of nice shoes and a nice coat and a hat, a nice ring, and a set of furs and a Christmas tree with electric lights on it, and lots of things on it, and some nuts and candy and a pair of kid gloves. Good old Santa Claus, mamma wants a library table, and papa wants mittens and neckties and a pink silk dress shirt. Helen Roth.

Merry Christmas!

This column solely represents the writer's opinion.


Community Coordinator

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