Births - Lake County, Illinois

2009-01-22T00:00:00Z Births - Lake County, Illinois
January 22, 2009 12:00 am

Community Hospital

Sept. 14

Natalie Melendez and Jean Dominguez, East Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 15

Holly and Michael Coddington, Griffith, a son

LaToya and Ervin Goodwin, Merrillville, a son

Brandy and Brandon Maynard, Schererville, a daughter

Sept. 16

Sheri Barnes and James Balind, Whiting, a daughter

Desiree and Carlos Uribe, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 17

Angela and Michael Osborn, Hammond, a son

Lisa Murray and Nicholas Laskarin, Highland, a daughter

Rachel and Michael Bakker, Griffith, a son

Lisa and David Michielsen, Hammond, a son

Jennifer and Erick Howard, Schererville, a daughter

Sept. 18

Lori and Ryan Kemp, Merrillville, a son

Ashley Headd and Clayton Thompson, Gary, a daughter

Kristine and Jason Wade, Highland, a daughter

Karen Kirk and Joseph Morris, Schererville, a son

Amanda and Matthew Carton, Schererville, a son

Aleida Garcia and Oscar Anguiano, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 19

La’Kesha Joseph, Merrillville, a daughter

Sept. 20

Kimberly and Richard O’Banion, Munster, a daughter

April Burress and Jon Lannin, Hammond, a son

Sept. 22

Amanda DenHartog and Cole Jaquess, Cedar Lake, a son

Jennifer Murphy and Richard O’Connell, Munster, a daughter

Erin Waugaman, Hammond, a son

Gloria Diaz and Freddy Villanueva, Schererville, a daughter

Daniella Komazec and Sergio Jimenez, Schererville, twin daughter and son

Sept. 23

Martha Suncin and Marquis Medellin, Hammond, a son

Jessica and Timothy Stibich, Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 25

Tracy Schweisthal, Hammond, a daughter

Rae and Darryl Klein, Dyer, a daughter

Elena and Xavier Garcia III, Merrillville, a daughter

Danielle Ducret-Garcia, Highland, a daughter

Sept. 27

Brittany Maurushes and Robert Eberle Jr., Hammond, a son

Neely and Donald Frye, Dyer, a son

Christine and Martin Conroy, St. John, a daughter

Sept. 28

Stefanie Ford and Danny Lowery, St. John, a son

Kathleen and Richard Dixon, Sr., Hammond, a son

Sabrina and Manuel Martinez, Jr., Highland, a son

Sept. 29

Hilary and Jeffrey Friesema, Lansing, a son

Roselarita Peters and Eric Riley, Hammond, a son

Sept. 30

Kelly and Kevin Dahlkamp, Griffith, a daughter

Gina and Salvador Alvarez, Jr., Whiting, a daughter

Cassandra and Jason Amaya, Merrillville, a son

Melissa Timmerman, Morocco, a daughter

Heather Builta and Bernie Dorin, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 1

Sara and Brant Nimon, Munster, a son

Oct. 2

Melinda Hall and Clifford Dukes, Hammond, a son

Hayley Mantis and Patrick Markovich, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 3

Adrienne and Robert Bowman, Griffith, a daughter

Brittany Mosca and Adrian Zentz, Lansing, a son

Sonia and Mark Kunas, Munster, a son

Amanda and Joseph Miller, Hammond, a son

Alyssa Hardin and Benjamin Rager, Merrillville, a son

Oct. 5

Dana More-Sudac and James Sudac, Munster, a son

Karan and Robert Dudzik, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 6

Amanda and Jeffrey Stojakovich, Lake Station, a son

Jacquelyn and Robert Slaven, Highland, twin sons

Maria Solis and Chandler Gill, Portage, a daughter

Lisa and Christopher Rivera, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 7

Brandy James and Jorge Navarrete, Griffith, a son

Yvonne Curtis and Jesus Garcia, East Chicago, a daughter

Oct. 8

Crystal and Kevin Kennedy, Merrillville, a daughter

Oct. 9

Cristal Correa and Marcus Taylor, Hammond, a daughter

LaKisha and Jerwan Jones, Gary, a son

Amanda and Leopoldo Ayala IV, Gary, a son

Yvonne and Manuel Adame, East Chicago, a son

Oct. 10

Alana and Henry Drude, Dyer, a daughter

Taryn and Joseph Manahan, Hammond, a son

Oct. 11

Dawn and Roger Phillips, Beecher, a son

Robin and Ralph Gomez, Jr., Hobart, a son

Gloria and Miguel Perez, East Chicago, a daughter

Oct. 13

Samantha York and Nicholas Stucker, Portage, a son

Erika Castaneda and Eric Esquivel, Hammond, a son

Ashana Henderson and Larry McGee, Gary, a daughter

Jessica Frey, Gary, a daughter

Oct. 14

Amanda and Ryan Perkins, Schererville, a son

Crystal and Benjamin Broz, Dyer, a daughter

Dianna and Michael Campbell, Crete, a daughter

Oct. 15

Cathleen Galiher and Sean Evans, Griffith, a daughter

Addulah and Lucius Rouser IV, Gary, a son

Carrie and Jeremy Hogge, Lake Station, a daughter

Shirelta Lyell and Steven Dunn, Hammond, a son

Oct. 16

Tanisha Reed and Randy McCoy, Merrillville, a son

Stephanie Caspers and Abraham Ramos, Chicago Heights, a son

Nesrin and Ziad Hijazin, Griffith, a son

Timberly Bishop and Will Kinnie Jr., Merrillville, a son

Oct. 17

Angela and Joel Cantu, Whiting, a daughter

Nicole and Anthony Woods, Merrillville, a son

Oct. 18

Lindsey Grober, St. John, a daughter

Kelly and Bryan Scartozzi, Dyer, a son

Oct. 20

Sarah Ivy and Tarrone Weaver, Hammond, twin daughters

Amy and Dennis Radolak Jr., Hammond, a son

Melissa and Kevin Newell, Lowell, a son

Oct. 21

Brittany and Robert Musgrove, Hammond, a son

Courtney and Brian Williams, Lake Village, a son

Oct. 23

Mindy and Paul Trzeciak, Highland, a daughter

Amy and Matthew Dunlap, Griffith, a son

Kristine and Kevin Dommer, Lansing, a daughter

Oct. 24

Karen Polak and JaJa Hawkins, Hammond, a son

Oct. 26

Bethany Cantu and Pablo Santiago III, Hammond, a son

Oct. 27

Kelly and Matthew Watson, Portage, a daughter

Deborah and Eric Hanson, Highland, a daughter

Lisa and Douglas Triezenberg, Schererville, a son

Oct. 28

Heather and Christopher Wilson, St. John, a son

Oct. 29

Amber Poeta, Hobart, a daughter

Jenny and Johnny Alford, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Oct. 30

Maria and Alejandro Salazar, Chicago, a daughter

Julie Dingillo, Gary, a son

Theresa and Noah Zondor, Schererville, a daughter

Oct. 31

Jessica Spitzer and Jonathon Travis, Hammond, a son

Katie Becker and Randall Wiancek, Schererville, a son

Jessica Gonzalez, East Chicago, a son

Ashleh Tyson, Lake Village, a daughter

Ashley Niezgoda and Thomas Yuran, Schererville, a daughter

Nov. 3

Stacy Shearer and Wesley Knight, Schererville, a daughter

Danielle and Benjamin Thomas, Jr., Gary, a son

Nov. 4

Melinda Medrano and Wesley DeWitt, Whiting, a son

Jennifer and Dennis Ley, Dyer, a daughter

Rachel and Derek Jansma, Lansing, a daughter

Mandy and Douglas Komorowski, Lowell, a son

Nov. 5

Alexandra and Michael Dovellos, Dyer, a daughter

Nov. 6

Heidi Herman, Griffith, a daughter

Vanessa Cintron and David Franciski, Hammond, a son

Amber DelValle-Smith and Tyrus Smith, Sr., Hammond, a son

Amanda Denton and Luis Smolen, Sr., Hammond, a son

Nov. 7

Jessica and Michael Majoch, Griffith, a daughter

Nicole and Abdullah Taylor, Highland, a daughter

Deanna Jones and Steven Steinbach, Hebron, a daughter

Hyfaa Karki and Jason Coburn, Munster, a son

Nov. 8

Maria Cruz and Cesar Rodriguez, Hammond, a daughter

Maryann and Torrey Peebles, Sr., Valparaiso, a son

Joanne and Cory Kreith, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 9

Kathy Vargas, Hammond, a son

Nov. 10

Abigail Irvine and Nicholas Ringer, Whiting, a daughter

Christina Noojin and Mitchell Alicea, Whiting, a son

Louisa and Gregory Porter, Sauk Village, a daughter

Tina Duran and Jason Lindsey, Crown Point, a son

Melissa and Ryan Leckrone, Dyer, a daughter

Nov. 11

Kimberly Fentress and Donald Gerald, Hammond, a son

Kristi and Eric Livingston, Lowell, a daughter

Nov. 12

Melissa Evers and Don Wesley, Hammond, a daughter

Nov. 13

MyLaura Griffin and Travis Hall, Gary, a daughter

Tanya Holevis and Troy Childers, Hammond, a son

Jennifer and Joel Uhrick, Schererville, a son

Maria and Atilano Salazar, Calumet City, a daughter

Lakeisha and Shawn McClain, Hammond, a son

Leigh and Anthony Fitzsimons, Griffith, twin daughters

Nov. 14

Roxanne Miller and Tyy Collins, Hammond, a daughter

Evelyn Donald, Merrillville, a daughter

Melissa and Jesse Rippe, Schererville, a daughter

Nov. 15

Donna and Robert Crowley, Munster, a son

Nov. 16

Carrie Lauritzen and Jason Vicari, Munster, a son

Nanette Ayala and Cleveland Williams, III, Hammond, a daughter

Nov. 17

Rosalie Guillen and Javier Peterson, Hammond, a daughter

Mary and Thomas Dahn, Hammond, a daughter

Christina Fuson and Daniel Nieto, Gary, a son

Nadia and James McNabney, Schererville, a daughter

Mary Pulliam, Gary, a daughter

Nov. 18

Rebecca and Josh Roux, St. John, a son

Camillia Darby and Wayne Anders, Hammond, a daughter

Myra Thornton and Gerald Hannon, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Nov. 19

Nena Estrada and Moises Arreola Jr., Hammond, a son

Nov. 20

Kay and Eric Kapteyn, Lansing, a son

Stephanie and Jared Brubaker, Hobart, a daughter

Nov. 21

Julie and Joshua Taber, Crown Point, a son

Sheila Oldham and Jason Rogers, Hammond, a son

Nov. 22

Rebecca Montemayor and Kire Mitreski, Crown Point, a son

Gina and Brock Peart, Crete, a son

Nov. 23

April and Carlos Rosario, Dyer, a daughter

Nov. 24

Amanda and Anthony Bridges, Hammond, a daughter

Antoinette and Mark Rickert, Hammond, a daughter

Nov. 25

Michelle and Manuel Arce, Schererville, a daughter

Nov. 26

Valerie and Steven Barick, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Dolores Magallanes and Ryan Townsel, Hammond, a daughter

Kelley and Daniel Mills, Jr., Griffith, a daughter

Nov. 28

Lori and Brian Taylor, Griffith, a daughter

Kayla Camp, Gary, a son

Kadie and Christopher Murphy, Merrillville, twin sons

Nov. 30

Melanie and Ryan Pociask, Munster, a son

Rachael Velez and John Rubio Jr., East Chicago, a son

Dec. 1

Jaclyn and Jorge Rodriguez, Lansing, a son

Joy and Robert Petersen, Cedar Lake, a son

Michelle and Peter Severson, Highland, a son

Dec. 2

Breanne and Charles Mitchell, Munster, a son

Adriana and Javier Mendoza, Hammond, a son

Jennifer and Armando Jimenez Jr., East Chicago, a son

Eboni and Kenneth Malone Sr., Hammond, a son

Dec. 4

Katrina and William Slosser, Lowell, a daughter

Jayne and Billy Mucha Jr., Highland, a daughter

Leticia Rodriguez, Munster, a daughter

Toni-Marie and Jeffrey Keldenich, Crown Point, a daughter

Dec. 6

Jennifer and Ronnie Carraher, Sr., Crown Point, a son

Dec. 7

Bridgette and Jon DeYoung, Schererville, a son

Dec. 8

Iryna and Dan Hillegonds, Munster, a son

Lillian Lhotka and Gary Bender, Griffith, a daughter

Kimberly and Jody Bell, Griffith, a daughter

Nicole Glaser and Timothy Moore, Lowell, a daughter

Dec. 9

Rebecca Garcia, Hammond, a son

Dec. 10

Sarah and Randal Rosa, Griffith, a daughter

Ruzica and Jaime Cuadra, Lansing, a daughter

Heather and Gary Doran Jr., Lynwood, a son

Sherri and Ryan Ralph, Highland, a son

Dec. 11

Melissa Gutierrez and Adam Martinez Jr., Hammond, a son

Angelie and Niksa Mihaljevic, Crete, a son

Janet Wilson and David Wheeler Jr., Hammond, a son

Dec. 12

Tahirah Reese and Kevin McMray, Merrillville, a daughter

Dec. 13

Melissa and Michael Banach, Lansing, a son

Dec. 14

LaVonna Jordan and Duane Moore, Griffith, a daughter

Sarah and Joshua Jordan, Gary, a daughter

Dec. 15

Angela and Michael Vera, Hobart, a daughter

Dec. 16

Celia and Isaul Alvarez, Hammond, a daughter

Shonda Williamson and Chana Boyd, Gary, a daughter

Natalie Semethy and Joseph Ferrantella, Crown Point, a daughter

Amanda Alvarez and Stephen Gatses, East Chicago, a daughter

Dec. 17

Susan Perales-Runge and Richard Runge, Hammond, a son

Janet and Richard Cox Jr., St. John, a daughter

Jennifer and Richard Emerson, Lowell, a daughter

Carrie and Ronald Yzaguirre, Whiting, a daughter

Dec. 18

Kristin and Thomas Wesley, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Kristin and Patrick Killeen, Crown Point, a son

Cynthia and David Ramsey Jr., Hammond, a son

Dec. 19

Olga Olivas and Dustin Clinton, Highland, a daughter

Jennifer and Robert Baker Jr., Crete, a son

Kristen Gehrke-Polak, Highland, a son

Dec. 20

Kari Rosinski and Brian Stauffer, Dyer, a daughter

Dec. 22

Brandy Hero and James Reid, Gary, a daughter

Dec. 23

Vanessa and Victor Pulido Jr., Hammond, a son

Patricia and Charles Wick, Hammond, a daughter

Audrey and Mark Patrick, Highland, a daughter

Tiffany and Timothy Ball, Hammond, a daughter

Dec. 24

Kristen and Robert Smith, Munster, a daughter

Dec. 25

Michelle and Ryan McCloskey, Lansing, a daughter

Dec. 26

Verna and Thomas O’Connor, Gary, a son

Christine and Kenneth Scholma, Highland, a son

Stephanie Floyd, Whiting, a daughter

Dec. 27

Tonya and Michael Garcia, East Chicago, a son

Dec. 28

Stephanie and Aleksander Pantelic, Munster, a son

Dec. 29

Vanessa Campbell, Gary, a son

Jennifer Szpejnowski and Cesar Villicana, Hobart, a son

Silvia and Ignacio Cuevas, Hammond, a son

Amanda and Timothy Adams, Schereville, a son

Dec. 30

Amanda Brunty and David Lucero III, Hammond, a daughter

Kyann Murday and Stephen Bielec, Hammond, a son

Nichole Nawrocki and William Johnsen, Hammond, a son

Dec. 31

Melanie and Brian Mikulski, Merrillville, a son

Yolanda Montejano-Herrera and Nazario Herrera, Chicago, a daughter

Melissa Williams and Derrick Thomas, East Chicago, a daughter

Elizabeth Cessna and Angel Bonilla Jr., Hammond, a daughter

St. Anthony Medical Center

Sept. 15

Jeremy Keene and Yvette Alba, Merrillville, a son

Matthew and Sara Bernard, Hobart, a son

Todd and Tamara Hair, Crown Point, a daughter

Jeff and Brenda Hasley, Merrillville, a son

Walter Hekter, Jr. and Tegan Stuby-Hekter, Kouts, a son

Josh Means and Mindy Lakich, Crown Point, a son

James Derflinger, III and Mary McBride, Gary, a daughter

Timothy and Jennifer Stites, North Judson, a son

Sept. 16

Jesus and Carie Tamayo, St. John, a son

Sept. 17

Mark Bane and Sarah LaDow Bane, Crown Point, a son

Sept. 18

Benjamin and Karin Brown, Crown Point, a daughter

Sept. 19

Joey and Natalie McElroy, Lake Village, a son

Rob and Shawna Reich, Crown Point, a daughter

Sept. 20

Mark and Sarah Langbehn, Hebron, a son

Sept. 21

Larry and Kelly Fairris, Schererville, a son

Chris and Julie Fleming, Lowell, a daughter

Justin and Kari Kerstetter, Dyer, a daughter

Cody Wallenius and Mindie McKee, Cedar Lake, a son

Sept. 22

Bradley Jr. and December Cristy, DeMotte, a daughter

Donald and Miranda Vorwald, Crown Point, a daughter

Ed and Jonna Wartman, Crown Point, a daughter

Sept. 23

Wesley and Robyn Dykstra, Merrillville, a son

Michael Stallworth and Tanja Overturf, Crown Point, a son

Tarares and Benita Austin-Strong, Merrillville, a son

Sept. 25

Darrell and Molly Audiss, Crown Point, a son

Jason and Allyson Kaegi, Crown Point, a son

Matt and Alina Kilarski, Crown Point, a daughter

Kevin and Lisa Kluth, Dyer, a son

Gene Erglebarger and Tina Van Sessen, Crown Point, a son

Sept. 26

Peter and Heather Goldthorpe, Crown Point, a daughter

Greg and Donna Krumwiede, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Milenko and Mirjana Peles, Dyer, a son

Kevin and Paula Skurka, St. John, a daughter

Wayne and Judy Van Houten, Rensselaer, a son

James and Liana Waechter, Crown Point, a son

Sept. 27

Trent and Tracy VanderZee, Crown Point, a son

Joshua and Ashley Westphal, Wheatfield, a daughter

Sept. 28

Jake and Laura Borrmann, Crown Point, a daughter

John and Crystal Gil, Merrillville, a son

Sept. 29

Jeff and Jennifer Collet, Hebron, a daughter

Brandon Wick and Cara Christy, Crown Point, a daughter

Robert and Kara McCall, St. John, a daughter

Sept. 30

Jared Baker and Natalie Flowers, Lowell, a son

Kevin and Rhonda Hankins, DeMotte, a son

Josh and Jennifer Whitson, DeMotte, a daughter

Oct. 1

Nathan and Audrey Westich, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 2

Dustin and Melissa Bushnell, Merrillville, a son

Ray and Christine Ramos, Hebron, a daughter

Mile Taneski and Michelle Taneska, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 3

Zak and Katie Pala, Munster, a daughter

Jason and Michelle Such, Crown Point, a daughter

Oct. 4

Arthur Mink and Julie Bolton, Hebron, a son

Jeremy Nielson and Michelle Thiel, Gary, a son

Oct. 6

John Paul and Melissa Koldus, Crown Point, a son

Luke and Kristin Zuzich, Merrillville, a daughter

Oct. 7

Joe and Rachelle Bisping, Lowell, a son

Jeff and Tiffany Bowman, Crown Point, a son

Scott and Becky Krett, St. John, a daughter

Brian Kiszka and Nicole Lagalo, Crown Point, a son

Nicholas and Melissa Smith, Cedar Lake, a son

Oct. 8

Matthew and Leah Grentzer, Dyer, a son

Ryan and Sarah Petry, Hobart, a son

Eric Street and Jennifer Slivka, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 9

Chris and Alicia Pyatt, Merrillville, a son

Timothy and Julie Roberts, Crown Point, a daughter

Justin Siebanoller and Breanne Steagall, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 10

David and Victoria Gallas, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Oct. 12

Curt and Alison Bond, Crown Point, a son

Geoffrey and Elissa Rance, Schererville, a son

Oct. 13

Arthur and Rebecca Schmidt, Hammond, Twin-a sons

Oct. 14

Corey and Christine Bisacchi, Lowell, a son

James and Angela Collard, Rensselaer, a daughter

Robert and Michele Hajvert, Merrillville, a daughter

Brian and Diana Lockhart, Remington, a son

Sarah Novath, Crown Point, a son

John and Saundra Orich, Calumet Township, a son

Oct. 15

Roger and Kristin Carlson, Cedar Lake, a daughter

James and Julie Lowe, Lowell, a daughter

Delane Tubbs and Sylvia Medellin, Merrillville, a daughter

Joshua Morris and Tiffany Sifrer, DeMotte, a daughter

Robert and Carrie Stack, St. John, a daughter

Oct. 16

Joe and Jennifer Hirjak, Crown Point, a son

Christopher Ratliff and Amber Wilson, Schneider, a son

Oct. 17

Chris and Fawn Allen, Lake Village, a daughter

Melissa Lambert, Lowell, a son

Oct. 18

Christopher Hasch and Jennifer Sterling, DeMotte, a daughter

Oct. 20

Jeffery Williams and Delorian Carlyle, Gary, a son

Neftali Robles and Angela Garcia, Griffith, a son

Brandon and Amy Steagall, Schererville, a daughter

Oct. 21

Michael Boone and Robyn Arwood, Cedar Lake, a daughter

John and Andria Blue, Rensselaer, a son

Bryann and JaVeita Gibson, Merrillville, a son

Scott Clark and Holly Martin, Rensselaer, a daughter

Anthony Yannuzzi and Tabitha Schuster, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 22

Michael Ponziano and Jessica Ward, Merrillville, a son

Oct. 23

Kristoffer and Sharon Craven, St. John, a son

Chris Wornhoff and Sarah Eichler, Lowell, a daughter

Thomas and Melissa Hudt, Crown Point, a daughter

Daniel and Veronica Hoffman, St. John, a son

Joshua and Jennifer Venecz, Lake Village, a son

Oct. 24

Richard Knight and Yamma Davis, Crown Point, a daughter

Christopher White and Alaina Domele, Lake Village, a son

Matthew Lambert and Melissa Elieff, Lowell, a daughter

David and Julianna Jennings, Rensselaer, a son

Timothy and Jennifer McBride, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 27

Timothy Jocic and Jennifer Bailey, Schererville, a daughter

Oct. 28

Sanna Carr, Schererville, a daughter

David Stewart and Jennifer Domele, Lake Village, a son

Jerry and Carolyn Hager, Medaryville, a daughter

Scott and Jaclyn LaBelle, Crown Point, a son

Tony and Jodi Lucco, Crown Point, a son

Adam Hancock and Molly Royer, Schererville, a son

Oct. 29

Mark Dennis and Jocefina Bridges, Merrillville, a daughter

Craig and Sharon McIntosh-Lewin, Merrillville, a son

Jason and Donna Cochran, Lowell, a son

Jarvie and Cassie Harris, Schneider, a daughter

Anthony LaPorta and Katelyn Huffer, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Nathan and Amanda Pritchard, DeMotte, a son

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