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November 08, 2006 12:00 am

Times Staff Report

Precincts counted 124

Registered voters 82,346

Ballots cast 42,441

Straight Party

Republican 5,834

Democratic 8,428

Libertarian 167

United States Senator

Richard Lugar, R 25,371

Steve Osborn, L 5,654

Write-In 236

Secretary of State

Todd Rokita, R 18,189

Joe Pearson, D 20,852

Mike Kole, L 1,436

Write-In 55

Auditor of State

Tim Berry, R 16,957

Judy Anderson, D 22,954

Treasurer of State

Richard Mourdock, R 16,542

Michael Griffin, D 23,122

United States Representative

District 1

Mark Leyva, R 11,057

Peter Visclosky, D 25,587

Charles Barman, I 1,418

Write-In 19

District 2

Chris Chocola, R 1,555

Joe Donnelly, D 1,954

Write-In 6

State Senator

District 4

Dale Brewer, R 9,313

Karen Tallian, D 14,771

State Senator

District 6

Sue Landske, R 885

John Greaves, D 677

State Representative

District 3

Willie Brown, R 3,110

Charlie Brown, D 3,989

State Representative

District 4

Ed Soliday, R 8,064

Sylvia Graham, D 7,497

State Representative

District 10

Pamela Buhman, R 5,630

Duane Cheney, D 9,125

State Representative

District 19

Eric Hammond, R 1,076

Robert Kuzman, D 2,147

State Representative

District 20

Tom Dermody, R 244

Andrea Renner, D 184

Gregory Kelver, L 21

Judge of Superior Court II

William Alexa, D 30,355

Judge of Superior Court VI

Jeffrey Thode, R 25,426

Porter County

Prosecuting Attorney 67th District

Brian Gensel, R 25,294

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Jan Dick, R 17,250

Pamela Fish, D 23,187

Porter County Auditor

James Murphy, R 19,468

Jim Kopp, D 21,041

Porter County Recorder

Linda Trinkler, R 20,240

Hubert Hoffman, D 19,594

Porter County Sheriff

Susan Resteau, R 19,028

David Lain, D 22,846

Porter County Coroner

Roger Kleist, R 20,063

Victoria Deppe, D 20,147

Porter County Assessor

William Sexton, R 18,133

John Scott, D 22,272

Porter County Commissioner

Michael Herzog, R 16,873

Robert Harper, D 24,050

Porter County Council District 1

Shane Stillman, R 4,320

Bob Poparad, D 6,360

John Schick, L 736

Porter County Council District 2

Mark Sulski, R 3,042

Rita Stevenson, D 4,757

Porter County Council District 3

Matthew Murphy, R 5,472

Gregory Simms, D 5,015

Porter County Council District 4

Brian Gesse, R 5,256

Mike Bucko, D 5,616

Boone Twp. Assessor

Delephine Eck, R 1,119

Boone Twp. Trustee

Russell Franzman, R 990

John Spinks Sr., D 708

Boone Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Jim Martin, R 951

Jeff Patz, R 1,065

Dan Roeske, R 973

Tim Hough, D 704

Vincent Lemus, D 525

Greg Nagel, D 603

Center Twp. Assessor

Susan Larson, R 7,685

Center Twp. Trustee

Charles Conover, R 5,854

Michael Essany, D 4,891

Calvin Chubb, L 628

Center Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Stephen Buck, R 6,486

Charles Hazlett, R 5,367

Myron Knauff, R 6,177

Jackson Twp. Trustee/Assessor

Janice Meyers, D 1,282

Jackson Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Ronald Bishop, R 807

Robert Block, R 759

Judy Guernsey, R 942

Frank O'Reilly, D 987

Liberty Twp. Assessor

Jean Swanson, R 1,318

Liberty Twp. Trustee

Margaret Ruge, R 1,408

Liberty Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Peter Ferrari, R 991

Ed Seykowski, R 926

Jacquelyn Sterling, R 1,060

Morgan Twp. Trustee/Assessor

Richard Schultz, R 774

Morgan Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Rodney King, R 629

Deborah Kleist, R 678

John Remster Jr., R 574

Pine Twp. Trustee/Assessor

Nancy Kolasa, R 600

Pine Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Tom Lipinski, R 427

Margaret Richardson, R 464

Daniel Timm, R 430

Pleasant Twp. Trustee/Assessor

Jean Oehlman, R 961

Pleasant Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Kathy Lynch, R 749

David Overholt, R 750

Jeffrey Press, R754

Portage Twp. Assessor

Jon Snyder, R 3,105

Kathy Sonaty, D 6,584

Portage Twp. Trustee

Joyce Webster, R 4,981

Jack Jent, D 4,872

Portage Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Cary Clark, R 3,040

Edna Maturkanich, R 2,848

Barry Pruett, R 2,710

Sue Lynch, D 6,279

Edward Momola, D 6,023

Larry Widener, D 6,123

Porter Twp. Assessor

Catherine Hall, R 1,683

Porter Twp. Trustee

Edward Moales, R 1,589

Porter Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Kathy Sherman, R 1,423

David Wichlinski, R 1,297

David Williams, R 1,033

Rodney Norton, D 1,062

Brian Roeske, D 1,578

Union Twp. Assessor

Teresa Linzy, R 1,596

Union Twp. Trustee

Anthony Pampalone, R 1,541

Union Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Joanne Eldred, R 1,255

George Topoll, R 1,235

Timothy Vojslavek, R 1,110

Washington Twp. Trustee/Assessor

Lynn Ross, R 895

Washington Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

Jean Martin, R 643

Fran Samuelson, R 753

Dennis Werner, R 673

Westchester Twp. Assessor

Candace Crone, R 3,302

Westchester Twp. Trustee

Matthew Bowles, R 1,719

Suzanne Philbrick, D 3,712

Westchester Twp. Board

Vote for only 3

John Canright, R 2,873

Thomas Smith, R 2,367

Barbara Stroud, R 2,682

William Cantrell, D 2,877

Robin Chubb, D 2,905

Kouts Town Council District 2

Kevin Salyer, R 370

Kouts Town Council District 4

Timothy Jones, R 366

School Board Member Duneland School Corp. Board

John Marshall 5,268

School Board Member Duneland School Corp. Board

Michael Trout 5,603

School Board Member

East Porter County School Corporation

Richard McSparin 2,024

School Board Member

East Porter County School Corporation

Jean Gesse 2,168

School Board Member Portage Township School Corporation

Sally Olsen 4,234

Cheryl Oprisko 4,319

School Board Member Portage Township School Corporation

Terry Hufford 6,028

School Board Member Portage Township School Corporation

Vote for only 1

Debra Ekdahl 3,992

William Fekete 4,218

School Board Member Michigan City Area School Board

Vote for only 3

Beryle Burgwald 110

Robert Frame 114

Adrienne Cottlieb 153

Karen Janus 190

J. Jeffrey Jones 144

James Kintzele Sr. 173

Virginia Mason 155

Myra Remmel 130

Greg Tuel 134

School Board Member Michigan City Area School Board

Vote for only 1

Albertine Allen 32

Michael Gresham 97

Kathryn Lee 208

Timothy Timm 128

Justice of the Supreme Court

Yes 21,745

No 11,172

Judge Court of Appeals, Third District

Yes 21,169

No 11,474

Judge Court of Appeals, Fourth District

Yes 22,816

No 10,153

Town of Chesterton

Yes 905

No 2,475

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