Reactions to court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Indiana

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Gov. Mike Pence spokeswoman, Kara Brooks:

“Gov. Pence supports the Attorney General’s efforts to appeal the federal court’s ruling and defend Indiana’s right to define the institution of marriage for the residents of our state. Because the governor believes in the rule of law, the state of Indiana will comply with the federal court’s order as this case moves through the appeals process.”

House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City:

“For years now, the people of this state have been dragged through what is turning out to be a completely unnecessary debate on matters that should be left to personal choice. The tide is changing across our country, as more judges and legislatures decide that we do not need to be involved with this issue. In Indiana, we need to take heed of this change. We need to stop this debate now. It is pointless to continue.”

Senate President David Long, R-Fort Wayne:

“It is clear that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to have to rule on this issue, and the sooner the better. The current chaos over state marriage laws that is being created by these lower federal court rulings needs to stop, and only the Supreme Court can make that happen, and bring clarity to this issue once and for all. Either the U.S. Constitution protects traditional marriage or it doesn’t. If it does, it is likely that the Court will leave the decision on traditional marriage to each state to decide for itself. Being a strong proponent of states’ rights, I believe this would be the proper ruling. Only time will tell if the Supreme Court agrees. In the meantime, I hope that state law in Indiana and elsewhere will be respected by the federal court system by granting a stay to Judge Young’s ruling until the Supreme Court takes up this case and all the others like it around the country.”

Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane, D-Anderson:

"I hail the decision of the court in favor of equal rights. Today, Indiana has joined the ranks of 19 other states where families of all types are recognized and individuals are granted the freedom to marry without the unjustified prejudice of the state. This is a win for equality, the community, and those who have taken a stand over the years to protect the rights of ALL Hoosiers."

House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis

“I consider it truly unfortunate that the federal court system is stepping in to make decisions in Indiana that are best left to Hoosier policymakers and ultimately to Hoosier voters. A wide bipartisan majority of Indiana lawmakers originally enacted the current statutory definition of marriage, and a wide margin of Hoosier lawmakers and citizens continue to support the statutory definition today. Our long stated concern about federal judicial intervention into a matter best left to state policymakers has been confirmed. In the long run, Hoosiers will not be better off for it.”

Bryan Corbin, spokesman for Republican Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller:

"The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is analyzing the Court’s rulings in the multiple cases and will communicate with county clerks on proper marriage license procedures they should follow in order to avoid chaos during the appeal. The Attorney General’s Office previously announced it will file an appeal in the event of such a ruling, and will quickly ask for a stay of today’s ruling pending appeal."

Marion County Clerk Beth White, a Democrat running for Indiana secretary of state:

“Chief Judge Richard Young’s decision on marriage equality sets forth a clear course of action for this office to follow regarding same-sex marriage licenses. It is my responsibility to uphold court rulings that impact this office and that is what I will do."

John Dale, Democratic candidate in the 4th Congressional District, which includes Newton and Jasper counties:

“I am proud of Indiana for ruling in favor same-sex couples and their civil liberties. I love my wife and if someone was preventing me from marrying her then that would be a violation of my constitutional rights. I don’t see how it’s any different for same-sex couples. Strong families are the basis of this country, no matter what that family may look like.”

Kyle Megrath, coordinator Hoosiers Unite for Marriage:

 “This is an extraordinary day for the plaintiffs in these cases and for all loving, committed Hoosier couples who want to marry in this state. Not only is Indiana’s marriage ban unconstitutional, but couples are able to get married right away. Today, justice has been done, and love wins. We know this could be the start of a long legal fight, and we’re ready to stand strong for loving, committed couples to have the right to marry in Indiana. We have already gathered more than 2,000 signatures asking Attorney General Greg Zoeller not to file an appeal in this case, and we will keep up that pressure until it’s clear that Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban is gone for good.”

Ken Falk, ACLU of Indiana legal director, and Jane Henegar, ACLU of Indiana executive director:

"We are ecstatic that the court recognized what we have always maintained: That there is simply no justification for treating same-sex couples any differently than other loving couples of opposite genders," Falk said.

"Thanks to the decision of Judge Young, Hoosier couples and their children no longer have to wait for their families to be accorded the rights and dignity that only come with marriage," Henegar said. "Marriage is a commitment, declared privately and publicly, to love and honor and be responsible to and for each other. Same-sex couples want marriage, and finally marriage is possible in Indiana."

Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry:

"Judge Young held today that there is no justification for denying same-sex couples the freedom to marry, the latest in a unanimous wave of favorable rulings over the past few months. The judge noted the harm marriage discrimination inflicts on Indiana families, while benefiting no one. With more than 70 marriage cases pending and a strong majority of Americans backing the freedom to marry, today's decision out of the heartland underscores that America is ready for the Supreme Court to bring an end to marriage discrimination once and for all."

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