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2013-11-21T00:00:00Z Join Cal City Pride Facebook groupGeorge Grenchik Times Columnist
November 21, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Well, it happened again.

I was visiting a local establishment for some relaxation and refreshment. As happens, I ran into an acquaintance and exchanged a few pleasantries.

The conversation was quickly turned by him into a diatribe, very colorfully expressed and in terms not fit for a family newspaper, about the evils of his hometown, Calumet City, where this establishment happens to be (he had moved out of Calumet City some time ago).

I made it clear that I did not agree with his robust attack, much of it charged with nasty racial overtones, against his childhood and my adopted hometown. (I also think he may have ingested some bad ice.)

The instance I described is certainly not the first time I’ve encountered folks who have moved from Calumet City who in one way or the other, rant all kinds of invective about where they used to live. Other people I know who have left Cal City don’t engage in that kind of thing and often find reasons — church, park programs, civic activities, old hangouts — to come back to their former town.

I wonder what makes the difference.

It reminds me of my brother who moved to Florida. I loved him but he had this thing about bad mouthing the area where he grew up and thinking that people who stayed in the “Region” were less than smart for doing so.

I don’t get it. People move or stay in a place for all kinds of reasons. Folks may or may not agree with the reason others have for staying or leaving a city, but why not accept people’s choices without all manner of incriminating comments?

I guess some people are nostalgic and want places to be the idyllic haunts of their childhood.

Along these lines, there is a new Facebook group started by Ryan Pammer called Cal City Pride. The group looks for postings that reflect the title of the group. Pammer, as I do, peruses other groups on Facebook about Calumet City. He started this group because he was tired, as am I, of so many nasty and brainless comments bashing Cal City that seemed to crop up in some of those groups’ postings.

There are around 50 members of the group and hopefully, more to come. If you’d like to check it out, go to Cal City Pride or Ryan Pammer on Facebook. Sign up.


Congratulations to the volleyball team from Bishop Noll. They made it to the state championship game. Though they couldn’t quite pull off a state title, they had a fabulous run, and have great prospects for next year.

Speaking of volleyball, the St. Francis de Sales girls team made it to the “Sweet 16” this year. Congrats to them and their coach Arlene Ramos who is retiring after a fine coaching career at my alma mater.

Even though these aren’t the “good old days” (if there ever was such a time), we have much to be thankful for in our country and in our little piece of it. One thing for sure is our luck in escaping the worst of the storms last Sunday.

But as bad as some places in Indiana and Illinois were there was the disaster in the Philippines. I hope many will use one of the myriad vehicles of help to reach out to the survivors.

If you are looking for a way to give thanks, come to the St. Victor Thanksgiving day Mass at 9 a.m. St. Victor is on the corner of Hirsch Avenue and Memorial Drive in Calumet City. There will be some refreshments and fellowship after in our newly floored church hall.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

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