LANSING | The School Board for Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 gave its approval to an $11.1 million balanced budget for the school year that began last month.

The School Board met Monday night and hosted a public hearing on the budget. School Board members then voted 6-0 to approve the spending plan for the Lansing/Lynwood district that expires on June 30, said school district Business Manager Kerry Dean.

The final budget, posted on the district’s website at, gives the district $11.15 million in income with $11.14 million in expenditures.

School Board members made their budget proposal public when they met in August, and local residents had the past 30 days to inspect the budget at the school district offices, 19266 Burnham Ave.

The district had $5.9 million in its accounts as a surplus on July 1, and officials say the district should have the same amount on hand when the fiscal year ends next June.

The largest revenue source for the district will be from local funds, primarily property tax revenues collected from local residents. Some $4.7 million is expected to come from those funds.

State aid payments and other Illinois government funding is expected to provide $3.7 million of the district’s funds, while the U.S. government will provide some $1.1 million to the district in the form of various grants.

Among the district’s expenses are $5.2 million for instruction, $3.3 million for support services and $665,233 in payments to other school districts and governments.

Some $6.08 million will be spent on salaries for district employees, $926,387 for supplies and $131,204 for bilingual programs, of which $107,430 is for salaries of bilingual staff.

In other business, the School Board approved the hiring of National Investigations to conduct a search of the school district’s database of students to ensure that all are in compliance with residency requirements, Dean said.

The school district will pay the Channahon-based firm $3,500 for their work.

Jeanette is a journalist with The Times Media Co. who has worked as both a reporter and editor. She has a master's degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois at Springfield.