Lansing approves hotel, motel tax increase

2012-11-20T21:40:00Z 2012-11-21T07:06:06Z Lansing approves hotel, motel tax increaseDavid P. Funk Times Correspondent
November 20, 2012 9:40 pm  • 

LANSING | Village officials approved an increase in the tax charged to hotels and motels at Tuesday's council meeting.

The tax was raised 2 percent, up to 6 percent. One-third of the revenue collected will be required to be used to enhance the tourism industry within the village.

Lansing invited 10 hotel owners and managers to a meeting Nov. 8 to discuss raising the tax.

"We established that we (the hotels and the village) had some goals in common which included strengthening the business climate, enhancing community character and wanting to open up the lines of communication," said Kristi DeLaurentiis, the village’s director of planning and development.

DeLaurentiis said the group was appreciative of being asked by the village government to participate.

"They said they'd never been invited to sit down with any of the administrative leaders in the community," she said. "Their bottom line, their futures, were inextricably linked with village's so they understood the goals that we had expressed."

Village President Norm Abbott said the local business owners said they didn't have a problem with the increase after the meeting.

"I think what we tried to create at this meeting was the fact that we're partners together, here," Abbott said. "They want to be in this community and make money, and we want them to be good servants and good business people, and we had a good dialogue on what we expect from them and what they expect from us."

The tax was last increased — from 2 percent to 4 percent — in 1996.

Also passed was another ordinance that amended the licensing section of the hotel-motel portion of the village code. Hotels and motels will no longer be allowed to rent to customers younger than 21 or allow customers younger than 21 to have alcohol in the room.

The ordinance also prohibits hotels and motels from renting a room more than once in a 24-hour period. An exception to this rule was made for truck drivers with a commercial driver's license. Those customers will be allowed to rent rooms for up to six hours.

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