Sauk Village amends liquor license, adds 'adult use' permits

2014-03-02T14:00:00Z 2014-03-02T18:36:19Z Sauk Village amends liquor license, adds 'adult use' permitsDavid P. Funk Times Correspondent
March 02, 2014 2:00 pm  • 

SAUK VILLAGE | The Sauk Village Board approved amendments to its liquor license ordinance and added "adult use" permits to its zoning code on Tuesday.

Village Attorney Michael McGrath described adult uses as adult bookstores, video stores or bars or clubs "with entertainment." The definition does not extend to other bars, he said, which are regulated under liquor license ordinances.

"We just came upon it in the zoning code for the village. There's actually no place for adult uses to go into the village anywhere," McGrath said. "If somebody were to apply and ask for a license or seek to come into the village, there was no regulation in place."

McGrath said the lack of any regulation meant such businesses would have legally been allowed anywhere in the village. The new ordinance gives the Zoning Board 180 days to review applications for permits and determine where an adult use establishment will go.

"The United States Supreme Court has ruled on multiple occasions that these types of uses have to be allowed somewhere within the community," McGrath said.

Liquor license ordinances were also amended. The amendments clean up language, adjust hours, eliminate licenses no longer issued, reduce the number of licenses to the number currently used and increase fees, Village President David Hanks said.

Class A-1 licenses will no longer be issued. Those licenses authorized the retail sale of alcohol in an establishment hosting live music without vocalists only three days per week at a fee of $600. Class A-3 licenses, which apply to similar establishments hosting music with vocalists, will still be offered but the cost will be raised from $700 to $1,000.

Class B licenses, which allow the sale of alcohol but not the consumption on the premises, will be raised from $400 to $700. Restaurant licenses will be raised from $300 to $600 for alcohol, beer and wine and from $200 to $500 for beer and wine only where meals are served.

Licenses for enclosed outdoor events will be raised from $200 to $500.

A separate amendment states that once a current liquor license is revoked, surrendered or not renewed, the number of that type of license issued by the village will be reduced by one.

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