Lake County hospital births

2009-06-09T00:00:00Z Lake County hospital births
June 09, 2009 12:00 am

The following births were released by hospitals in Lake County.

Community Hospital

May 1

Ashleigh Jett and William Rolland, Hammond, twin daughters

Jennifer and Benjamin Moore, Dyer, a daughter

Lisa Watson and Jonathan Corbin, Hobart, a daughter

May 2

Tricia and John Makowski, St. John, a son

May 3

Iram and Mohammad Azeem, Schererville, a son

Heather and Ferdinand Camacho, Park Forest, a son

May 4

Linda and Thomas Osborn III, Munster, a son

May 5

Lisa Giorgio and Leo Maldonado, Munster, a daughter

Stephanie Velez and Edwin Rivera, East Chicago, a son

Heidi and James Blastick, Schererville, twin son and daughter

Keri and John Braun III, Crown Point, a daughter

Amy and Michael Craigin, Highland, a son

May 6

Dawn and Kevin Kickert, Lowell, a daughter

Christine and Stevan Zagorac, Crown Point, a son

Ofelia Frechette and Ditric Cannon, Hammond, a daughter

May 7

Jennifer and Brian Barr, Highland, a son

Ronda Beck and Brian Buffington, Gary, a son

Rachel and Myron Retske, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Jaime and Jack Arnold, Schererville, a son

Jessica Garrett and Frank Degenais Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Ulani Villarreal and Carlos Muniz III, Hammond, a daughter

May 8

Susan Schmidt and Steven Myer, Highland, a daughter

Annalisa and Daniel Blue, Munster, a daughter

May 9

Aubrey Velasquez and David Noel, Munster, a daughter

May 10

Samantha Cross and Douglas Evans, Beecher, a son

Kari and Derek Goins, Cedar Lake, a daughter

May 11

Andrea and Paul Celestin, Highland, a son

Jori and Jeffery Vander Woude, Dyer, a daughter

Jasmine Crenshaw and Willie Sprowls Jr., Hammond, a son

Melissa Salgado and Eric Estrada, Gary, a son

May 12

Kristina Garza and Javier Jimenez, Crown Point, a son

Jaleesa and Jahwon Cook, Gary, a son

Laura and Jeremy Guffey, Cedar Lake, twin daughters

Nicole and Dan Williams Jr., Schererville, a son

May 13

Kristin and Adam Planer, Crown Point, a son

Cristina and Jacob Fant, Kouts, a daughter

May 14

Christine and Joseph Mendoza III, Griffith, a daughter

Emilie Osgood and Wayne Niksich, Hammond, a daughter

Laura and Robert Ruzycki, Griffith, a daughter

Elisa and Eleuterio Ornelas, Dyer, a daughter

May 15

Becky and Joseph Luka, Crown Point, a son

Amanda and Eli Cryderman, Griffith, a son

Karen Davis and Derrich Love Jr., Merrillville, a son

May 16

Amanda and Matthew Burleson, Highland, a son

May 17

Jamie and Patrick Krull, Highland, a son

Kennetra and Roosevelt Moore Jr., Hammond, a daughter

May 18

Carla and Jose Campos, Schererville, a son

Jennifer and Charles Whitford, Hammond, a son

Janel Wenrich and Philip Drozd, Griffith, a son

May 19

Crystal and Thomas Wojcinski, Hammond, a son

May 20

Kayla Abul-Husn, Merrillville, a son

May 22

Holly and Timothy Ewing, Crete, a son

May 23

Nicole and Anthony Schmelter, Lowell, a son

Amber and Thomas Ross, Highland, a daughter

May 26

Jennifer and Timothy Drummond, Dyer, a daughter

Zanetta and Marcus McCrimon, Gary, a daughter

Gabriela and Jason Crook, Merrillville, a son

Amanda Allen-Breski and David Pritt, Jr., Crown Point, a son

April Johnson and Patrick Harris, Hobart, a son

May 27

Shellie Jensen and Timothy Longacre, Munster, a daughter

Ghadeer Soof-Haddad and Adib Haddad, Schererville, a son

May 28

Tara and Brian Minard II, Merrillville, a daughter

Jessica Ericson and Christopher Harris, Hammond, a son

Julie and Scott Stessl, Chicago, a son

St. Anthony Medical Center

April 1

Michael Chubinski and Catherine Lenczycki, Lowell, a daughter

April 2

Jeremy Warner and Laura Mielenz-Warner, Lake Station, a son

April 3

Scott and Sara Bell, St. John, a son

Rasul and Karima Bey, Merrillville, a son

Phillip and Rebecca Bisping, Hobart, a son

David and Jennifer Depa, Crown Point, a daughter

Jason Abramson and Nicole Salas, Crown Point, a daughter

April 4

Rick and Mia Webber, Crown Point, a son

April 5

George Jr. and Lynn Glotzbach, Hebron, a daughter

Edward III and Jennifer Schoeffel, Hobart, a daughter

April 6

Richard and Elaine Amescua, Crown Point, a son

Micheal and Dana Dykhuis, Wheatfield, a daughter

Eric and Ana Hepworth, Wheatfield, a daughter

Theodore and Christine Kosmatka, Portage, a son

Keith Miller and Angela Perez-Miller, Gary, a son

James and Christine Montgomery, Crown Point, a son

Bret Sodo and Samantha Simmons, Lowell, a son

April 7

Sukumar Arumugam and Karthy Bharathkumar, Crown Point, a son

Eduardo and Monica Fletes, Crown Point, a daughter

Tim and Elizabeth Laba, Cedar Lake, a son

Tim and Maggie Paterson, Hobart, a son

Nolito and Arlene Santos, Crown Point, a daughter

Joseph and Nadia Shutske, Crown Point, a son

Donnie and Amanda Sloas, Hebron, a son

April 8

Jason Call and Amanda Barnhart, DeMotte, a son

Josif and Kristina Dimoski, Crown Point, a son

Jordan and Mary Morantz, Crown Point, a daughter

James Charles and Kori Ann Polusky, Crown Point, a daughter

Brian and Nancy Stofko, Crown Point, a son

April 9

Eric and Natalie Ziolkowski, Schererville, a son

April 10

Dustin and Amanda Ewing, Lowell, a son

Richard and Katrina Howard, Hobart, a daughter

April 11

Roberto Ramos and Jacqueline Hernandez, DeMotte, a son

April 12

Tanya Lenker, Griffith, a daughter

April 13

Curtis and Annocha Abram, Merrillville, a son

Kevin and Cristine Quale, Lowell, a daughter

Rick and Triny Sojka, Valparaiso, a daughter

April 14

Gerald Cramer Jr. and Jessie Cerros, Crown Point, a daughter

James and Kira Healy, Hobart, a son

Anthony Hamilton and Brandi Perdue, Dyer, a son

Steven and Janell Rottier, Crown Point, a son

Bill and Samantha Springer, Hobart, a daughter

George Beach and Celina Villarreal, Hebron, a daughter

April 15

Thomas and Aimee Geren, DeMotte, a daughter

April 16

Nicholas and Andrea Bracas, Valparaiso, a son

Victor Chavez and Chrystal Erdelles, Valparaiso, a daughter

Robert and Monica Lane, Gary, a son

Chris and Nichole Woodworth, Griffith, a son

April 17

Jonathan Wagman and Julie Lounges, Highland, a daughter

Lawrence and Ronnie Smrz, Griffith, a daughter

Matthew and Jill Yuran, Crown Point, a son

April 18

Jim and Amanda Bardoczi, Valparaiso, a daughter

Mike and Monic Cottrell, Griffith, a son

Jeremy and Tabatha Creasbaum, Dyer, a son

Ted and Laura Slusarczuk, Hebron, a son

April 19

Daniel and Koren Oldham, Kouts, a son

Daniel Ramirez and Julie Reitz, Crown Point, a daughter

Nicholas Griffin and Kristie Thurston, Cedar Lake, a son

Harry and Crissy Tsiakopoulos, Crown Point, a daughter

April 20

Justin and Alana Kinnis, Lowell, a daughter

Ivan Romero and Cassandra Romero, East Chicago, a daughter

April 21

Paul and Kimberly Farkas, Hobart, a son

Kevin and Jorie Furman, Cedar Lake, a son

Brandon and Theresa Miller, Portage, a daughter

Constantine Paramantgis and Amy Sopczak-Paramantgis, Crown Point, a daughter

April 22

Dennis and Katherine Bixeman, Griffith, a son

Nicole and Paul Parks, DeMotte, a son

Steven and Emily Turoci, DeMotte, a son

Robert and Arianne Wong, Crown Point, a daughter

April 24

Raul Jr. and Tara Holguin, Griffith, a son

Shawn and Amy Lemmons, Valparaiso, a son

Scott II and Stephanie McKee, Hebron, a son

April 25

Darrin Debold and Ashley Antkowiak, DeMotte, a daughter

Kristin Nagel, Lowell, a daughter

Keith Borman and Diana Volkema, Griffith, a daughter

April 27

Christopher and Karen Cichon, Crown Point, a daughter

April 28

Christopher and Megan Cook, Crown Point, a daughter

Thurman and Wilma Graham, Cedar Lake, a son

Randy Simon and Jennifer Kurek, Gary, a daughter

Derek and Angie Popovich, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Kipp Moore and Jennifer Russell, Crown Point, a daughter

April 29

Frederick IV and Theresa Brown, Lowell, a son

April 30

Amanda Butler, Crown Point, a daughter

Ruben and Roxanne Coria, Crown Point, a son

Brian Gorgei and Rosie Kissinger, Portage, a son

St. Catherine Hospital

April 27

Kristina Brown and Mike Rodriguez Jr., Hammond, a son

Crystal Clay, Gary, a son

April 28

Maria and Jose Mendoza, East Chicago, twin sons

April 29

Angelique Varela, East Chicago, a daughter

May 3

Airen-Celeste and Asher Harris Jr., Gary, a son

May 5

Elizabeth Ortiz and Jessie Casas, Hammond, a daughter

May 7

Nayesa Walker and Kash Lott, East Chicago, a son

May 11

Latasha Dodds and Eric Gage, East Chicago, a son

Michelle Lewis and Ontarrian, East Chicago, a son

May 13

Veronica and Federico Cabezas, East Chicago, a son

Angela Boose and Timothy Small, Gary, a son

May 14

Shretha Johnson, East Chicago, a son

May 16

Lashunda Norwood and Jamail Sims, Hammond, a daughter

Hollie Botsko and Ryan Litke, Griffith, a son

May 17

Erica Moore and Lawrence Payton, East Chicago, a daughter

St. Margaret Mercy Hospital

May 1

Erica Whitehead and Patrick Mitchell, Calumet City, a daughter

Henrietta Brown, Hammond, a son

Ayrene Malone, East Chicago , a daughter

May 3

Shakeila Hart and Jared Washington, Sr., Hammond, a son

Stacey Castro and Jason Annunziata, East Chicago , a son

May 2

Brandy and Douglas Spiller, Gary, a daughter

May 4

Tamika Parker, Dolton, a daughter

Laura Vazquez-Alvarado and Guadalupe Alvarado, Hammond, a son

Tiffany Barnes and Chrisopher Robinson, Hammond, a daughter

Maria Silva and Emmanuel Esparza, Hammond, a daughter

Michelle and Michael Keelan, Munster, a daughter

Sandra Fernandez and Charles Taylor, Whiting, a son

Diedra Rich and Stephen Lewis, Gary, a daughter

Ashley Boesel, Gary, a son

May 5

Tiffany and Matthew Kendall, Gary, a daughter

April Serczyk, East Chicago, a son

Tatyana Handbrough and Larry Edwards Jr., Dolton, a daughter

May 6

Catherine Herring and Steven Sibley, Hammond, a daughter

Marisela and Christopher Alcala, Chicago, a daughter

May 8

Theresa Caldwell and Burton Mack, Gary, a son

May 9

Renee Bruce, Gary, a daughter

May 10

Jana Myers and William Halle, Crown Point, a son

May 14

Krystal Johnson and Steven Mann, Hammond, a daughter

May 15

Theresa and Donald Bolster, Calumet City, a daughter

May 18

Keishawna Boston, Hammond, a son

Jaquita Davis and Darrell Wiggins Jr., Hammond, a son

Tabitha Hebblewaite and Ricardo Haro, Hammond, a daughter

Tiffany and John Paul Jones, Hammond, a daughter

Lildeanya and Richard Frederick, South Holland, a daughter

Meghan Maloney and Eric Livak, Chicago, a son

May 19

Juanita Marsh and Adam Boland, Hammond, a daughter

Nikki Repasi, Hammond, a daughter

Jazmine Simmons and Dontez Josey, East Chicago, a daughter

Shenita McGary, Chicago, a son

May 20

Jasmine White, East Chicago, a son

Jessica Philipps and Douglas Karwatka, Sauk Village , a daughter

May 21

Ebony Holmes, Hammond, a daughter

Samantha Lawrence, Hammond, a son

May 22

Marizol Santana and Anthony Steel, Whiting, a daughter

May 25

Christina Ramirez and Christopher Hutcherson, Lansing, a son

Jessica Stricklin and Arturo Troncozo, Munster, a son

St. Mary Medical Center

May 1

Brittany Ramirez and Scott Woodruff, Lake Station, a daughter

Amy Startup and Richard Krueger, Lake Station, a daughter

Ida and Gerold Poole Jr., Portage, a daughter

May 2

Sarah Hein and Clayton Thomas Jr., Hobart, a daughter

Crystal Kennebrew and James Anderson, III, Merrillville, a son

May 3

Jeanne Brys and Jeremiah Davis, Portage, a daughter

Kristy and Paul DeHaven, Michigan City, a daughter

May 4

Deborah and James Snyder, Portage, a daughter

Angel Erwin and Adan Labra, Lake Station, a son

Kristin Gumulauski and Matthew Fulton, Lake Station, a son

May 6

Anna and Russell Kietzman, Valparaiso, a son

Roche Small, Gary, a son

Simone Coleman, Merrillville, a son

May 7

Kelly and Stephen Cuson, Valparaiso, a son

Meagan Jackson and Todd Ferguson, Valparaiso, a daughter

Erin Klancer and Travis Miller, Valparaiso, a son

Amy and Ronald Holland Jr., Valparaiso, a daughter

May 8

Lauren Moore and James Armold, Merrillville, a son

May 9

Shermonice Frison and Robert Cason Jr., Gary, a son

May 10

Amber Gonzalez and Kevin McGee, Lake Station, a son

Alexandra Schaefer and Ellis Jason, Valparaiso, a son

May 11

Kelly Alaniz and Corey Holeyfield, Gary, a son

Melinda Covarrubias and Jamar Lomax, Lake Station, a son

Christina Forten Berry and Clinton McCray, Valparaiso, a son

Angel Wells, gary, a daughter

May 12

Nicole and Matthew Cole, Merillville, a son

Salina Vega and David Gonzalez, Crown Point, a son

Ashley and Edwin Stringfellow Sr., Gary, a daughter

May 13

Jennifer and Garland Laughner, Portage, a daughter

Kristine and Andrew Prater, Hobart, a son

May 14

Lamekia Grady and Leonard Ballard, Portage, a son

May 15

Amy and Eric Robinson, Valparaiso, a son

Jennifer Zdobylak and Troy Smith, Hobart, a son

May 16

Tanya Wester and Keith Flowers, Gary, a son

Rebecca and John Boyle, Portage, a daughter

May 17

Elizabeth and Mario Vasquez, Valparaiso, a son

May 18

Katherine and Michael Newsome, Hobart, a daughter

Sharell Christiansen and Mohammad Ghouri, Lowell, a son

May 19

Ashely Cunningham and Brandon Cotton, Valparaiso, a daughter

Tamara and Nathan Holder III, Portage, a daughter

Jennifer Meadows, Valparaiso, a daughter

May 20

Stacy and Michael Barnes, Hobart, a son

Vanessa Wright and Kevin Martin, Merrillville, a son

Brandy Fitzgerald and Garry Campbell Jr., Hebron, a daughter

Adrienne Vega and Matthew Cerros, Hobart, a daughter

May 21

Sharon and David Cunningham, Merrillville, a son

May 22

Cynthia Guitron and Octavio Guzman, Portage, a son

Tricia Allen and James Beck Jr., Portage, a son

Staci Hill and Richard Watts, Portage, a daughter

May 23

Katherine and John Osby, Crown Point, a son

May 25

Cherie Wolfe and Brian Davenport, Porter, a son

Altovise Spornich and James Robinson, Portage, a son

May 26

Dawn and Brian Mosley, Valparaiso, a son

May 27

Michelle Bellar, Porter, a daughter

Krystal Ketchem and Joel Torres, Lake Station, a daughter

Cynthia and Kevin Schmidt, Valparaiso, a daughter

May 28

Jennifer and Richard Reihl, Gary, a son

Courtney and Frank Brown, Valparaiso, a daughter

May 29

Nekita and Harold Brown, Merrillville, a daughter

Elizabeth and Scott Neely, Hobart, a son

May 30

Mandy and Rickey Coleman Jr., Hebron, a son

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