Changes to C.P. sign ordinance considered

2013-04-09T18:18:00Z 2013-04-09T19:20:15Z Changes to C.P. sign ordinance consideredSusan Erler, (219) 662-5336

CROWN POINT | A revision of city rules governing signs could be in order as requests for variances grow.

Petitions to permit more signs, larger signs, signs set closer to the road or more brightly lit than normally allowed all have come to the Board of Zoning Appeals in recent months.

"We're dealing with so many sign issues that maybe it's time to update our present ordinance as it stands," said Joe Irak, attorney for the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Irak and Planning Administrator Christopher Meyer will seek input from the Plan Commission in proposing a revised city ordinance on signs.

Potential considerations are to reduce the space permitted between billboards, currently set at 2,500 feet.

Expanding the types of business zones in which signs are permitted and reassessing sign size and illumination limits also could be considered, along with a better definition. 

"What constitutes a sign?" Irak asked.

A request by a Speedway gas station on Broadway for more signs than originally permitted and changes to signage on a CVS Pharmacy on North Main Street were among several issues considered by the zoning appeals board recently.

Planning and building officials might receive administrative authority to handle some sign issues. 

"We're trying to give a little more control at the front end so people are not requesting so many variances," Irak said. "We're trying to look at it from every angle. We know it's a lot to bite off to change an ordinance."



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