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2013-07-26T00:00:00Z Foundation announces scholarship winnersBy Times Staff
July 26, 2013 12:00 am  • 

CROWN POINT | The Crown Point Community Foundation awarded 99 scholarships with a total value of more than $100,000 this year to local students pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities.

Scholarships, amounts and recipients for 2013 are:

Dean and Barbara White Scholarship - full scholarship to Kaylee Clark and Nicholas Langbehn

Burrell Family Scholarship - $5,000 to Nick Kujawski and Emily Utz

Virgil Place Scholarship - $2,800 to Josh Schuljak

American Italian Benevolent Society Scholarship - $2,000 to Austin Qualizza, $1,500 to Ethan Traina and Samantha Giordano

Donald and Phyllis Ross Purdue Scholarship - $2,000 to Nicholas Huls and Jacob Hazi

Marilee Thanholdt Memorial Scholarship - $1,900 to Ashley Curtis

Tim Galusha Memorial Scholarship - $1,500 to Daniel Walters

Wilbert Buth Music Scholarship - $1,500 to Kristina Mihajlovic and Alexandra Jostes

Paul and Dorthea Everett Scholarship - $1,350 to Courtney Farrell

Charles and Marjorie Quickle Scholarship - $1,200 to Alan Phillips, $1,000 to Paige Fitzsimons, $750 to Robert Ebbens, and $500 to Susan Daily

Gail and Gil Stiener Scholarship - $1,100 to Brandi Collins and Victoria Borowski

Charles Kleinschmidt Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 to Paul Barenie

Jana Caudill Team Scholarship - $1,000 to Sam Beishuizen

John D. Amodeo Scholarship - $1,000 to Abby Elston

Joyce Lee Coash Combs Music Scholarship - $1,000 to Katherine Burrell

Kay Hubbard Music Scholarship - $1,000 to Kathryn Symanski

Lisa Schaefer Stover Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 to Melissa Davis

Marion Kellum Performing Arts Scholarship - $1,000 to Katherine Burrell and John MacNeil

Russell T. Kile Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 to Rachel Pudlo

Barney's Hub Bootery Scholarhsip - $1,000 to Alexander Nickla

BJ Hubbard Scholarship - $1,000 to David Kepshire

Jerry Caravana Athletic Dir. Senior Scholarship - $1,000 to John Lynk

Youche Country Club Scholarship - $1,000 to Sarah Maddack

Crown Point Rotary Scholarship - $1,000 to Julietta Wright, Rayne Kim, Ashley Downing, Madison DeGoey and Alicia Perez

Tri Kappa Scholarship - $1,000 to Ahmed Shaaban, Joseph Gawor, Meghan Sulka, Jessica Zarik, Caroline Doolin and Kelsey Lennon

L. Jane Keene Memorial Scholarship - $625 to Kelsey Hopkins

Alfred J. Gruber Senior Social Studies Honorarium - $500 to Olivia Graham

Barbara Jenkins Tyler Speech Scholarship - $500 to Haley Bordui

Candace Lynne Walton Scholarship - $500 to Emily Langston

Col. John Wheeler PTA Scholarship - $500 to Rachel Pudlo

Crown Point Community Foundation Scholarship - $1,000 to Erica Homier, and $500 to Kelsey Hopkins, Miranda MacFarlane, Bailey Beckham, Allison Carpenter, Olivia Graham, Lauren Mack, Emily Langston,  Taylor Green, Sarah Holland, Nicholas Zaberdac and Kevin Edgington

Crown Point High School RoboDogs Scholarship - $500 to Ahmed Shaaban

Eisenhower Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Nicholas Zaberdac

Forrest and Millicent Everett Scholarship - $500 to Daniel Aultman and Courtney Farrel

George Letz Jr. Scholarship - $500 to Charlie Wayne

Jackie Staniszeski Scholarship - $500 to Elizabeth Dutton

Joe and Annette Allegretti Scholarship - $500 to Ashley Jones

Kathy and Russ Keller Scholarship - $500 to Daniel Aultman

Lake Street Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Hayley Bordui

MacArthur Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Miranda MacFarlane

Manhart/Gibbons Family Memorial Scholarship - $500 to John MacNeil

Marilyn Marlowe Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Alexis Hesser and Joshua Allen

Mark and Lindsay Bates Scholarship - $500 to Kristina Mihajlovic

Marty Shahbaz Football Scholarship - $500 to Quentin Klingberg

Robert "Bob" Brown Scholarship - $500 to Nina Rettig

Robert Taft Middle School PTA Scholarship - $500 to Taylor Green

Russ Keller Family Scholarship - $500 to Megan Henry

Russell C. Westphal Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Lucia Bracco

Solon Robinson Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Ashley Jones

St. Mary Catholic Community School Scholarship - $500 Lucia Bracco, Nina Rettig and Julietta Wright

Timothy Ball Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Nicoletta Savell

Tiny Bohling Humpfer Scholarship - $500 to Brandi Collins

William G. and Phyllis M. Fatch Scholarship - $500 to Alexis Hesser

Winfield/Jerry Ross Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Sarah Holland

Winfield/Jerry Ross Elementary PTO Scholarship - $500 to Milan Trisic

Zondor Family Scholarship - $500 to Bailey Beckham

CP Youth Baseball Scholarship - $500 to Kevin Edgington and David Kepshire

David Gergely Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Chris Dietrich

Karen Pruzin Scholarship - $500 to Christopher Dietrich and Hayley Bordui

Mark Edwards Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Dennis Fielder

Helen Zielinski and Ray Stuck Family Scholarship - $500 to Lauren Mack

LaMere Family Scholarship - $385 to Katelynn Rogers

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