Unique Halloween costume is a hit

2013-11-06T00:00:00Z 2013-11-11T15:56:07Z Unique Halloween costume is a hitMarlene A. Zloza marlene.zloza@nwi.com, (219) 662-5340 nwitimes.com

CROWN POINT | Tyler Kuss, 10, wore a Halloween costume this year that was really something to write home about.

And if you did, you might have tried to mail it with Tyler, who was so realistic as a U.S. Postal Service mailbox that the USPS posted his photo on its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/USPS.

A fifth-grader at Timothy Ball Elementary School in Crown Point, the son of Brian and Nikki Kuss has a history of "dressing" as inanimate objects for trick-or-treating.

"He likes to pick unique inanimate objects for Halloween," said Tyler's father, Brian Kuss, who crafted the bright blue mailbox "from fiber board and Gorilla Glue."

A picture of the uncanny costume was posted on Reddit by Brian Kuss with the following message: "So my son wanted to be a mailbox for Halloween. He’s the one on the right, the UPS drop box is real."

The only telltale sign that gives away the fake is the boy’s feet sticking out from the bottom. "He was actually scrunched down when I took that picture; when he stands up straight he has about 8-10 inches at the bottom so he can walk," Brian Kuss said.

Take a closer look at the false blue box and you find out its true purpose – it asks people to "deposit candy here."

"We went to downtown Crown Point for the Pumpkin Walk and people were really amazed at how realistic it looked," Brian Kuss added.

In past years, Tyler has been costumed as a traffic cone and a recycling bin.

Take a close look at that fire hydrant next Oct. 31 when you are out walking the dog - it just might be Tyler.

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