Wheeler Middle School students bring historic figures to life with 'Day at the Wax Museum'

2013-05-23T12:19:00Z 2013-05-24T14:12:04Z Wheeler Middle School students bring historic figures to life with 'Day at the Wax Museum'Diane Poulton Times Correspondent nwitimes.com
May 23, 2013 12:19 pm  • 

CROWN POINT | Kings, presidents, astronauts, movie stars, singers and other historic icons came to life Thursday at Col. John Wheeler Middle School’s fourth annual "Day at the Wax Museum."

Many hours of research and creativity went into students’ portrayals of 145 characters from various historic time frames.

This year, a "character spotlight" every ten minutes featured on-stage performances by students including: Michael Jackson’s "Thriller;" Whitney Houston's "Dance with Somebody;" Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. History teacher Dennis Bundy, the creator and organizer of the event said Col. John Wheeler Middle School is now known for this activity.

“No one else in the area does this,” Bundy said. “All of the school is involved including students, faculty, and administration.

Bundy said he previously taught for 17 years at Crown Point High School where he held a similar program “Let’s be a Medieval.”

“I was driving to work one day and I thought what can I do down at the middle school which is as effective,” Bundy said. “So we started this wax museum. Our kids like dressing up. They like acting out things in class. So I said let’s put on a museum presentation for the school.”

Bundy said the presentation was tweaked each year into its current big production. Preparation for the project which includes a speech and written paper starts in January. The faculty is involved behind the scenes with ideas, helping design and create costumes and art for the tri-fold boards, Bundy said.

“This is an extension of the classroom,” Bundy said. “Any time you re-enact something or live out history it’s a good thing,” Bundy said. “It is student-centered learning. Students have said to me they have learned more from this activity than anything they have done in class.”

In addition to learning how to write a paper, how to present and re-enact something, they learn about building confidence and character, Bundy said.

“I have had high schoolers come back and say I am now ready for presentation speaking,” Bundy said. “Now I am more confident in my classes.”

Many staff members were also dressed as historical characters. Grade school students came to see the exhibits, stopping to ask the middle-schoolers questions about the historical figure they chose to represent.

“I didn’t envision that it would be as big as this,” Bundy said. “But it just kind of snowballed. I anticipate every year it is going to get bigger.”

English teacher Brian Popiela said each year the program continues to improve.

“The students really put a great effort into trying to learn about all these people in history,” Popiela said. “They do a great job presenting to the community.”

Last year, Bundy said, at the end of the day of the Wax Museum project kids were in tears because it signifies the end of their middle school years.

“They said ‘we put so much energy into this that when it is over, it's like wow it is over,’” Bundy said.

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