Becoming more efficient, saving money

2013-05-30T02:45:00Z Becoming more efficient, saving money
May 30, 2013 2:45 am

A fully-automated garbage and recycling pick-up system and new water meters are part of ongoing efforts in the Town of Dyer to become more efficient and fiscally responsible.


Republic Services, Dyer’s waste hauling compnay, recently completed the transition to a fully-automated pickup service. This means that all waste will be picked up using the mechanical “arms” to dump the garbage or recycling materials from each residence into trucks, says David J. Proud, director the Dyer Department of Public Works.

The supplemental containers that have been used by residents will no longer be picked up. Some residents continue to use these supplemental containers along with the smaller 35- or 65-gallon garbage or recycling containers that were issued by the waste hauler, Proud says.

“In fact as those supplemental containers are put out, they will be disposed of with the rest of the garbage/recycling items,” he says.

“If you have the smaller containers and have found that you need the 95-gallon containers instead, you can contact Republic Services at (219) 662-8600 to make arrangements to get the larger containers,” according to Proud. “They will switch them out at no cost to you.”

Some residents already have the largest 95-gallon containers issued by Republic Services and still need supplemental containers to handle the waste generated by their households. Proud says officials have been told the waste hauler will pick up and empty those supplemental containers.

“As an alternative, you can request more containers from the waste hauler, but the additional containers will not be free like the original containers were,” he says.

“The waste hauler was able to keep their cost of services at a reasonable level due to the anticipation of going to this fully-automated system,” he says. “If they have to continue with the level of manual pickup in addition to the automated system, it will cost them more money and ultimately could cost the consumer more money.”

Proud reports that Republic officials say more than 90 percent of Dyer residents are already working well with the automated system.


Over the past 21 months, the Dyer Department of Public Works has been installing new automatic read water meters inside homes and businesses throughout Dyer. These new meters replace the old, outdated water meters.

The meters are installed at no cost to the resident or business owner. That project is more than 90 percent complete and must be finished by Nov. 29 of this year.

Proud says the new water meters significantly reduce the cost of manually reading older meters and will more accurately record water usage.

“This will also avoid inaccurate readings as well as over and under estimations,” he says. “With the new meters, our meter readers will simply walk down your street and will automatically capture your actual water usage form a distance.

Those who have not had the automatic-read meters installed yet should schedule an appointment. Please call the Public Works Department at (219) 865-4222 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“We do have Wednesday evenings and some Saturdays available for installation,” Proud says.

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