Report: Lake Central elementary classrooms less crowded

2013-10-25T19:48:00Z 2013-10-26T20:47:06Z Report: Lake Central elementary classrooms less crowdedLu Ann Franklin Times Correspondent
October 25, 2013 7:48 pm  • 

ST. JOHN | Class sizes are generally smaller at the six Lake Central School Corp. elementary schools compared with past years, according to a report recently presented to the School Board.

A year ago, class sizes of 27 to 29 in kindergarten classes caused more than 100 parents to attend School Board meetings to protest those numbers.

At the time, school administrators cited lower school funding by the state as the reason for the larger class sizes.

Theresa Schoon, director of primary education, said the smaller class sizes also reflect a drop in enrollment in the district. Most of the district’s enrollment decreases are in the elementary grades.

Schoon’s detailed tally of students enrolled in kindergarten through fourth grades at the district’s six elementary schools was presented at Monday's meeting following a request by School Board member Janice Malchow.

There are also aides available at each building to assist in the classrooms, Schoon said.

“There are a number of paraprofessionals in each building. The building principal decides where the needs are and builds a schedule to place the paraprofessionals in those classrooms for additional support,” she said.

This year there are 13 students enrolled in the district’s only half-day kindergarten class offered at Bibich Elementary in Dyer. The district’s six elementary schools have full-day kindergarten classes.

Bibich has four sections of full-day kindergarten with 74 students enrolled. There are 20 students in two of those sections and 17 in the other two classrooms.

At Homan Elementary in Schererville, full-day kindergarten students are enrolled in five sections with 18 students in three sections and 19 in the remaining two classes.

Kolling in St. John has 106 full-day kindergarteners in 5 sections, four of which have 21 students and the fifth has 22 enrolled.

Currently 70 full-day kindergartners are enrolled in three sections at Peifer Elementary in Schererville. Two classrooms have 23 students and one has 24 kindergarteners.

Protsman in Dyer has the most full-day kindergarteners with 139 enrolled in six sections. Two classrooms have 22 students, three have 23 enrolled and the sixth has 24 students.

There are 90 full-day kindergarteners in four sections at Watson Elementary in Schererville with 22 students in three classes and 24 in the fourth.

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