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2013-05-30T02:45:00Z Your tax $ at work
May 30, 2013 2:45 am

Few people see the important work done by the Dyer Public Works Department and the contractors hired to keep the town’s older underground sanitary and storm water infrastructure in good working order. It’s very much a team effort.

Last fall, this team effort helped save the town’s taxpayers money and made the areas where problems occurred much safer for everyone. Throughout the situation, the Dyer DPW employees provided vital assistance.

On Oct. 3, 2012, Department of Public Works employees discovered a sanitary sewer leak at the DPW site at 516 Edmond St.

Dyer Construction was called to make repairs immediately. Those repairs included excavating the area, installing a trench box stabilization unit and putting in a dewatering system to remove the water. A manhole was also removed from the center of the excavation.

What Dyer Construction crews discovered during the repair more problems with the soil and called in Hayward Baker, an expert in underground soil stabilization. Baker injected a mixture of sodium silicate into the soil around the trench box in an attempt to make the soils more solid and prevent wash-ins.

Several attempts with different materials finally resulted in the repair of pipes on Oct. 31.

Following those repairs, the DPW staff used televising equipment to see the inside of the sanitary sewer line. They discovered several other problems including leaking joints. Visu-Sewer of Illinois was hired to fix the leaks.

However, more problems surfaced on Nov. 30 when DPW staff attempted to remove more of the soil stabilization mixture from the pipe. Another leak surfaced which required another deep excavation and repair of a pipe by Grimmer Construction. Griffin Dewatering was also contracted to provide an enhanced dewatering system at this site.

Grimmer Construction completed the repairs on Dec. 14. The DPW staff again maintained the bypass pumping system 24/7 during this time and also monitored the dewatering stations in 16-hour overnight shifts.

According to DPW director David J. Proud, the total cost of all repairs was approximately $450,000.

“Were it not for all the assistance provided by DPW staff, those costs would have been significantly higher,” Proud said.

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