Snowbirds are leaving, but bridge games go on

2012-11-28T00:00:00Z 2012-11-29T17:29:14Z Snowbirds are leaving, but bridge games go onBy Times Staff
November 28, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Despite the departure of some duplicate bridge players for warmer climes this winter, the number of competitors at thrice weekly Highland and Calumet Twp. games is up, the total masterpoints earned monthly is up, and enthusiasm for the game is up.

The 50 players who were the most successful during the month of September at Calumet Township and Highland games, many of whom also earn additional points playing in the Portage and South Suburban games locally, as well as participating in tournaments throughout the country, are: Barbara Graegin, Lou Nimnicht, Zafar Khan, George Roeper, Joseph Chin, Steven Watson, Alfred Simmons, John Chmielowiec, Sarah Nicewander, Alan Geller, Hilda Connor, Faye Anderson, Daniel Spain, James O'Connell, Yuan Hsu, Chuck Briggs, Carol Osgerby, Carolyn Potasnik, Helen Miller, Dave Bigler, Donald Valiska, Dolores Gerdes, Catherine Mason, Robert Porter, Wayne Hiser, Daniel Simon, Robert Adams, Opal Jost, Donna Simon, Marilyn Ginzel, John Goring, Patricia Mikuta, Norman Szewczyk, Dolores Marshall, Peggy Kiernan, Lynne Kostopoulos, Ruth Westberg, Barbara Walczak, Conrad Staudacher, Wayne Carpenter, Indra Gupta, Lois Edelstein, Howard Schmid, Edgar Lucas, Trudy McKamey, Patsy Thomas, Judy Elliott, Sharon Snyder, Madge Kollar and Michael Devine.

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Duplicate bridge numbers continue to increase in Northwest Indiana as an ever-widening group of participants join in the challenge that the game presents. Fifty excellent players are listed as the top masterpoint awardees for the month of September in the three Highland and Calumet Township games. The top players for the month earned masterpoints in the double digits.

Top scorers: Al Simmons, John Chmielowiec, Barbara Graegin, Dave Bigler, Indra Gupta, Wayne Carpenter, Michael Devine, Trudy McKamey, Gale Osgerby, Howard Schmid, Hilda Connor, Tom Hallum, Yuan Hsu, Catherine Mason, Lynne Kostopoulos, Zafar Khan, Lou Nimnicht, Ruth Westberg, Mary Schumm, Barbara Stroud, Steven Watson, Dave Watkins, George Roeper, Joseph Chin, Lois Edelstein, Wayne Hiser, Dee Marshall, Judy Elliott, Patricia Mikuta, Donna Beach, Alan Geller, James O'Connell, Charlotte Abernethy, Chuck Briggs, Donald Valiska, Carol Osgerby, Faye Anderson, Alta Allen, Lee Dillon, Phil Schulz, Betty Eason, Peggy Kiernan, Marilyn Ginzel, Robert Porter, Linnea Hokanson, Phyllis Brooks, Dolores Gerdes, Connie Stevens, Conrad Staudacher and Anne Murphy.

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The best of the duplicate players for the month of August who play at Highland and Calumet Township games have been tabulated. Leading the list for the second month in a row is Jim O'Connell, of Valparaiso, with 17.91 masterpoints earned in a single month, surpassing his previous month's total of 14.44.

O'Connell also directs one game each week in Portage.

Bridge is a mentally challenging activity where cooperation with a partner is essential. Exhibit those partnership skills are: James O'Connell, Indra Gupta, Ruth Westberg, Joseph Chin, Barbara Graegin, John Chmielowiec, Dave Bigler, Tom Hallum, Alfred Simmons, Lou Nimnicht, Yuan Hsu, Zafar Khan, Trudy McKamey, John Goring, Barbara Walczak, Judy Elliott, Daniel Spain, Patricia Mikuta, Alan Geller, Sarah Nicewander, Sheila Edwards, Audrey Filar, Steven Watson, Charlotte Abernethy, Dolores Horgash, Howard Schmid, Wayne Carpenter, Faye Anderson, Robert Porter, Roger Sokol, Lois Edelstein, Chuck Briggs, Hilda Connor, Conrad Staudacher, Dolores Gerdes, Carolyn Potasnik, Michael Devine, George Goewey, Marilyn Ginzel, Wayne Hiser, David Mitzit, Charles Schultz, Mary Schumm, Alan Filler, Shawn Concannon, Kay Lively, Mary Jo Vera, Monet Fennema, Lynne Kostopoulos and Dave Watkins.

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Bridge players never seem to grow tired of the fun of playing the game. The top 50 masterpoint scorers from July players in games in Highland and Calumet Township on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are led by Jim O'Connell with 16.22 masterpoints: James O'Connell, Daniel Spain, John Chmielowiec, Ruth Westberg, Alfred Simmons, Joseph Chin, Trudy McKamey, Lou Nimnicht, Alan Geller, Tom Hallum, Barbara Graegin, Bill Kilbride, Zafar Khan, Judy Elliott, Carolyn Potasnik, Indra Gupta, Carol Ann Heinrich, John Goring, Peggy Kiernan, Catherine Mason, Constance Stevens, Robert Porter, Lynne Kostopoulos, Hilda Connor, Michael Devine, Steven Watson, Patricia Mikuta, Yuan Hsu, Joyce Radbel, Lois Edelstein, Dave Bigler, Mary Schumm, Dolores Gerdes, Sheila Edwards, Audrey Filar, Faye Anderson, Dave Watkins, Dolores Horgash, Martha Harris, Daryl Fraley, Marilyn Ginzel, Ronald Miller, Lee Esworthy, Phil Schulz, Frank Brunner, Alta Allen, Dolores Marshall, Barbara Stroud, Marge Hedegard and Suzanne Mahn.

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