First United Methodist Church offers home to share faith

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GRIFFITH | From a small church on the corner of Lafayette and Columbia back in 1915, known as the First Methodist Episcopal Church (destroyed by fire) to this beautiful church building standing on 44th street off Cline Avenue in Griffith, we are the family of The First United Methodist Church of Griffith.

Beginning long before we had a "building" to worship in we gathered to listen to circuit riders that traveled around the countryside sharing the stories of God's works that they had heard passed down from generation to generation. Each circuit rider, a disciple in his own right, carried the tales of the wonders of Christ and inspired others to gather together in worship. For a time families would gather in the homes of friends and family to share the gospel, but quickly the realization of how amazing our Lords story is filled the hearts of more and more followers. Praising The Lord and showing just how grateful we are for the magnitude of blessings he has bestowed upon us is a privilege we shared each and every Sunday morning.

A house of God is beautiful whether made of stone or straw, it's the children of God that gather within that make the church a family. At FUMC we are lead in worship by Reverend Randall McQueen. A Pastor, A husband, a father, a friend, Randy shares God's message with a passion.

Dr. McQueen was appointed to FUMC by Bishop Michael J. Coyner in June of 2007. Randy and his incredible wife Jacky came to Griffith after serving for five years as senior Pastor of the United Methodist Church Robinson Chapel of Fort Wayne, Indiana. A Duke University graduate as of 1990 Randy shares his knowledge and the scriptures each week with a warmth and personality that is welcoming and inspirational.

Whether a gathering of 2 or 2,000, the message remains the same, we live, we love, we share in our faith and praise our God TOGETHER.

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