Gavit Middle School students learn about ancient civilizations

2013-03-12T18:04:00Z Gavit Middle School students learn about ancient civilizationsMindy Sarlea | Stars Community Leader at Gavit Middle School

HAMMOND | Seventh graders in the Stars Community at Gavit Middle School recently studied ancient civilizations in their reading, language arts and social studies classes.

In reading class, students read different Roman and Greek myths and wrote their own myths about a variety of different topics.

In language arts class, students learned about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology. While reading about the history of Greece, the Ancient Greek people and Ancient Greek mythology, the students focused on different forms of writing.

The students wrote newspaper articles about myths, invitations to Hephaestus and Aphrodite’s wedding, an assortment of poems, and a final class project which was a Greek Mythology magazine. The class worked together on the magazine which included different sections such as news, sports, comics, fashion, advice and advertisements.

For extra credit, students had the opportunity to create various creative projects, some of which were Hermes’ winged sandals, Pandora’s Box and decorative t-shirts.

In social studies class, the students learned about Ancient Egypt. They studied the mummification process, wrote using hieroglyphics, and culminated the unit with a final project. Many students chose to create dioramas of Ancient Egypt, models of pyramids, or colorful posters about a variety of topics.

Social studies teacher, Mr. Josh Reno, expressed his enthusiasm in teaching the subject.

“Students really enjoy the mystery behind the pyramids, which makes for a very engaged classroom. I am overly surprised at the quality of projects that come in each year,” Reno said.

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