Highland chew crew reviews pizzas for you

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HIGHLAND | Roughly five billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year, according to Pizza.com. Whether sold by the slice or delivered to your door, pizza is one of the most popular foods for parties and holidays. The question is, though, are you getting the best pizza out there? The Highland High School journalism staff put some of the local pizzerias in the Griffith-Highland area to the test. We break it down from the price, to the cheese, to the crust, making sure you get your money's worth of delicious pizza at a reasonable price.

The sauce on the pizza should resemble glue: it is the substance that keeps everything together. A bad sauce makes for a bad pizza. Out of the three pizza restaurants reviewed, Amici's of Highland ranked the lowest on sauce quality, with two out of five stars. Amici's sauce was said to be “too sweet” and too much was used. Pizza Hut came in second with a three and a half out of five stars. The quality was good, but the restaurant skimped on the sauce a bit. Aurelio's came in as a definite first for sauce, with four and a half out of five stars. Both flavor and amount were perfect.

Cheese is a very important aspect of a pizza. Without the right amount cheese, the pizza would be very bland. There were two pizzas that were ranked the same with a three out of five stars, which is just above mediocre. Amici's was short on cheese. Pizza Hut’s pizza had a very stretchy and salty cheese. Aurelio's received a five out of five on our scale. Their cheese had a great texture and taste to it, and while it was a little bit salty, it was still the best.

The crust was one of the tougher calls. Pizza Hut received highest marks, with its puffy and soft crust. Aurelio's, coming into a close second place, had a thin, chewier, but bland crust. Coming into last place, Amici's pizza scored relatively low marks on its crust; it was bland, crunchy, and too thin.

The overall quality of the pizzas was an easy call. The quality of Pizza Hut’s pizza earned four out of five stars, due to its cheese, crust, and taste. The lack of sauce brought the score down a point. Aurelio's pizza was just about everybody's favorite, with five stars. Everything about the pizza was near perfect and there were no complaints. Amici's pizza scored a whopping two points, due to the layer of grease on top. Additionally, some said the crust tasted like cardboard.

When comparing the prices of the pizzas, we found that Pizza Hut was the cheapest. Pizza Hut costs $10.00 for a large pizza. The next cheapest was Amici's, at $16.00 for a large pizza. The most expensive pizza was Aurelio's which was $18.00.Although Aurelio's cost the most, the consensus was that it is a bit pricey. Still, most felt it was worth the extra cost. Although Pizza Hut was a good value, most agreed they would rather cough up the extra cash for Aurelio's. The staff agreed that Amici's was overpriced and not worth the $16.00.

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