Movie Review: 'Warm Bodies' solid entertainment

2013-03-19T15:56:00Z 2013-03-19T16:19:04Z Movie Review: 'Warm Bodies' solid entertainmentContributed by Tyler Betusak | Highland High School Entertainment Writer

HIGHLAND | The release of the movie 'Warm Bodies' had a lot of skeptics assuming that the movie was just another fictional piece of mythological trash that only a certain array of people would make an effort to go see. However, this time around, it would not be the case.

It should be noted beforehand that this movie is a little, but not much of a thriller, and a little bit of a story of character in diverse communities. It is not the kind of movie that a thrill junkie should be adamant about viewing, however. For those who appreciate a decent scare and also looking to leave the theater with a new outlook on life and prejudice, this is for you.

This movie is mainly about two groups of people-the living and the dead. The dead want to eat the living, the living want them killed, again (the usual garbage that writers have lived by since the beginning of time). After an apocalypse that killed off a good portion of the population, both sides live on opposite ends of a wall. The whole story begins after the humans begin to run out of supplies and they send a selected few outside of the wall to find food and medicine. Those people are eventually attacked by a pack of zombies that are trying to find food, and all but one of them are eaten alive. The lone survivor is taken back with the pack, taken care of and hidden by one of the zombies because he feels he owes it to her after eating her boyfriend, and the story starts from there.

The movie should not be sought out by the thrill junkies like I mentioned, but I would suggest it to someone looking to be entertained. It isn't fantastic, but I would give it a solid 3.5 of five stars.

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