Scary Movie 'Mama' Lacks Excitement

2013-03-19T16:18:00Z 2013-03-19T16:25:05Z Scary Movie 'Mama' Lacks ExcitementContributed by Megan Mahoney | Highland High School Entertainment Writer

HIGHLAND | This month a new scary movie was introduced to the theaters. The movie, 'Mama,' was advertised everywhere, especially in commercials on Youtube and TV. The commercials were very successful in catching attention. When I first saw the advertisement I was very intrigued because they managed to capture my attention without giving away the entire plot.

When the movie began, my attention was completely captured. It was extremely action packed and seemed somewhat suspicious and eerie. I realized that the overall plot was very far fetched and highly unlikely, but I found it dismissive to some extent because scary movies can be very hard to create realistically.

Towards the middle of the movie I was starting to feel that the story was dragging on. However, there were moments of excitement but they were very rare. The acting seemed to become less convincing and I felt myself lose interest. During this part of the movie they showed the ghost, “Mama's” face. I felt that this took away from the plot. They should have left the womans face unseen completely or waited until the very end.

The end grew closer and closer and I completely lost attention. I was no longer scared or interested and I couldn't bring myself to care about the fate of the main character. Normally when movies are really interesting the audience becomes involved with the main character and feels some emotion. When watching Mama, part of me just wanted the movie to end completely because I could care less what happened to the main character. The acting completely fell away and the actors were even worse than they were in the middle when I felt that their performance was lacking.

Overall, the movie could've had a stronger plot. It leaves the viewer feeling hopeful in the beginning and frustrated in the end. I would give the movie a C- and would discourage people from going to the theaters to see it. It is a waste of people's time and money. If you find that you're still interested in watching it, save yourself the expense of going to the movies and wait until it's available to rent.

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