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Today's the day for celebrating Moms of all ages

2013-05-12T00:00:00Z Today's the day for celebrating Moms of all agesBy Bill Vargo Times Columnist
May 12, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Moms everywhere are waking up to open this newspaper and take their minds off of the day ahead . Many will have their own Mother’s Day to celebrate, but also a celebration of their own mother’s work.

Mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers live longer, so we celebrate in a multi-generational setting.

I’ll make the call to Arizona, where my mom lives, and talk to her about her day and her plans. The conversation will be short because that is all that she can handle these days. Dad will give me the background information.

Mom will enjoy the jokes that I tell her, some off color, some quite funny. She will keep moving around and doing all of the things that she did during the week, even on the day that we celebrate her.

There is a kitchen to keep clean, vacuuming to do and garbage to be taken out. She will also celebrate her mother’s accomplishments. My grandmother raised six kids of her own and had success in making something out of them.

They all came around to be with dear old mom, or at least, to call her on her day. It was like this into her 80s, and would still be so if she were still around.

Now, we do the same thing. We will gather around our table and celebrate three mothers today. There will be Grandma Higgins, my sister-in-law and my wife. The boys should be on their best behavior; they have been given enough advance notice that any misbehavior is their fault and not mine.

Moms everywhere should have this day to be rewarded for their patience, good humor, hard work and, did I mention endurance. After all, what mother wouldn’t laugh when surrounded by boys who love nothing more than a good wrestling match at 9:30 at night, just before bedtime?

How about the dirt dragged in from the yard in big sloppy marks on the kitchen floor? That is something that only patience and a blind eye to decorum would find acceptable.

We have broken so many items in the house over the last few years that it has become increasingly clear to me that the curio cabinet in the living room must lead a charmed life. It has not been jostled or broken yet. Of course, the boys are only 10 and 14.

We like to get something for mom that can be enjoyed as she looks out the window. Having run out of space to build more gardens, we now try to fill in what we already have with something that is pleasing to the eye and will stay in bloom for much of the year.

It needs to be in a spot that won’t be run over, hit with a bat, rolled over by a basketball, stepped on or broken by active sons.

So, moms of all ages, sit back, enjoy your Sunday morning newspaper and dream about having your feet massaged, your neck rubbed and breakfast served. The phone will ring with best wishes and if there are any problems on the other end, mom can always give the phone to dad and have him solve it today. He might just return the favor next month, when his day comes.

In our case, we are grateful that we have two complete sets of grandparents and can continue to wish our mothers plenty of good cheer in the coming months and years.

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