Wheatfield man charged in Wicker Park assault

2012-07-06T18:30:00Z Wheatfield man charged in Wicker Park assaultBy Susan Brown susan.brown@nwi.com, (219) 662-5325 nwitimes.com

CROWN POINT | A Wheatfield man has been charged with aggravated battery in an attack on a woman during a graduation party at Wicker Park in Highland.

Witnesses told police the woman was leaving the park June 10 when Steven Dills, 42, charged her from behind after an altercation between Dills and his sister, a friend of the victim.

The blow catapulted the woman several feet in the air, court records state. Upon crashing to the ground, the woman was unresponsive and foaming at the mouth.

The attack resulted in continued vertigo and other injuries for which she remains in therapy, court records state.

Witnesses told police the incident began with an argument between Dills and his sister, prompting the sister, another family member and her friend to leave the party.

After plowing into the victim, Dills is alleged to have attacked and injured other family members attempting to subdue Dills.

Highland and Munster police officers arriving on the scene reported Dills aggressively resisted arrest, resulting in Dills being hit twice with a Taser.

In addition to aggravated battery, Dills is charged with three counts of battery and resisting law enforcement.

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