HOBART | The Board of Works is seeking bids to improve and upgrade aging curbs and sidewalks throughout the city.

Although the improvements are being made at several locations throughout the city, priority is being given to crossings at Ridgeview and George Earle schools, said assistant engineer Jake Dammarell.

The work will make the crossings in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The city will pay for the cost of the improvements through its share of this year's Community Development Block Grant program, Dammarell said.

The city's estimated share of the block grant funding is $120,000.

A pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for March 7, with a March 20 deadline set for bids to be received.

The work will include upgrades to about 40 ramps which are not ADA compliant, new sidewalks and curbs, and the addition of pedestrian warning signs and striping.

The city drafted a mandated ADA transition plan late last year, pointing out areas of the city that still need to be improved to meet ADA guidelines.

Mayor Brian Snedecor said this isn't the city's first attempt to make improvements to aging sidewalks and crossings.

"We've already been doing this because Hobart is an older city, but have been using internal funds to make the improvements," Snedecor said.