Joan Martin celebrates Pumpkin Night Light and Student Council

2013-11-05T13:40:00Z 2013-11-05T13:59:06Z Joan Martin celebrates Pumpkin Night Light and Student CouncilContributed by Max Jancich, Joan Martin Elementary Student Council President

HOBART | On Tuesday, October 22, Joan Martin Elementary School, hosted an event called 'Pumpkin Light Night.' Students brought their jack-o-lanterns and carved pumpkins in the school café.

There were so many different kinds of pumpkins: big and small, carved and crafted, tall and short. Then, it was time for judging. The principals and teachers looked at all of the pumpkins. Only two pumpkins from each grade and category could be chosen.

The judges quickly announced the winners when they were done. They announced the winners from each grade. Everyone was excited, and the winners walked up one by one as their pumpkin's name was called. The first place prize was a gift card for Toys "R" Us, and the second place prize was a Dairy Queen gift card.

After all of the excitement, the principals called up all of the Student Council members. The members all said a vow to never break any rules of the school or anywhere and always be kind to one another. Then the members were all called down to a table to receive their Student Council pin.

First, all of the officers were called down including President Max Jancich, Vice President Andrew McDowell, Treasurer Madyson Fraze, and Secretary Adrianna Serrano. Next, Class Representatives were announced. Representatives from fifth grade included Alejandra Arauz, Maranda Biancalana, Kelsey Black, Abby Dumbauld, Ben Hammond, Brian Forney, Alyssa Hazard, Myles Kappes, Jason Merkel, Samantha Paterson, Yinessa Prieto, Cecilia Provins, Eddie Starzyk, Lexi Williams, Dylan Wright, and Vanessa Zepeda. Fourth grade representatives were Miki Djankovich, Emma Hendricks, Amy Hooker, Mihailo Latinovic, Olivia Reel, Kiersten Rotz, Zach Maloney, Addie Merrill, Brett Nuzzo, and Autumn Turley. Representatives from third grade were Brooklyn Bennett, Vivianne Garcia, Owen Gniadek, Sabrina Gonzalez, Jayla Lacny, Nikolina Latinovic, Micah Louvierre, Emma McCoy, Emily Neuenfield, Mylan Rossetti, Anastacia Schmidt, and Maverick Zormier.

After all of the members had received their pins, they eventually left with their families.

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