HOBART | Friday Feb. 8, Mrs. Steege's 5th grade class participated in a contest to see who will be going to the Tri Kappa Spelling Bee in Hobart.

The spelling bee will be at Ridge View Elementary School. Two people from each fifth grade class in the whole district will go to the spelling bee. The classes will have the their own spell off in their classes before the actual spelling bee. The prizes are very good and there will be 659 words to memorize.

The represenitives for Joan Martin Elementary's Mrs. Steege's 5th grade class includes Anca and Mikey. They will be competing in the Hobart Tri Kappa Spelling Bee. After the class, the top two spellers from Steege's class sat down with us and gave us some words.

Mikey said "I felt nervous as heck, but I was pretty confident in myself. The hardest word was hyperbole. I was the top speller from my classroom to qualify because I spelled the most words in the first round. I was super happy but I didn't show it."

The second top speller was Anca. Anca also gave us a few words. Anca said," I felt very excited and confident in myself. I felt like every letter I wrote was wrong and I wasn't going to get in. My hardest word was Parliament. My round winning word was tentacles. I wanted to explode after I won."

This will be a challenge for them because these words will test their skills.

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