No more "I Don't know how to do my Homework!"

2012-02-29T10:15:00Z 2012-02-29T10:35:29Z No more "I Don't know how to do my Homework!"Contributed by Dr. Peggy Buffington | School City of Hobart Superintendent

HOBART | Chris King, The School City of Hobart's Director of Technology, instructed parents and students at a workshop on the Khan Academy Tuesday, February 28 at Hobart High School to show a solution for extra assistance with school work that is FREE!

Meet your child's new tutor, Sal Khan! In 2004, Sal Khan began online videos to tutor his young cousin, who was struggling with math and lived miles away. Within two years, those virtual lessons blossomed into a full-time career and the Khan Academy, an online library of 2,700 YouTube videos -- and counting -- that currently draws more than 3 million viewers a month and fans like Google and Bill Gates, who sends his own kids to the free site for help with schoolwork.

Covering mostly math and science, Khan's low-key, straightforward, and concise approach to brain-jarring concepts like quadratic equations and the phases of mitosis have taken the education community and students by storm. Khan's goal is to "help people learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace."

Mr. King demonstrated how to login and begin using the Khan Academy. Rikki Guthrie, parent at Joan Martin, says it provides expertise in areas she does not have to help her son . Tracy Smith, another parent, says it is wonderful because things have changed so much in math that this is wonderful because she is like a deer in the headlight trying to help with homework.

Get Started on 3000 Videos on Everything From Arithmetic, Physics, Finance, History, and Test Taking!

Anybody can use the entire Khan Academy for FREE. Every student in the School City of Hobart has a Google Account. They can use this account to sign in. When students sign in, this gives them the ability to track progress and earn points and badges. Students can add parents as teachers as their coach which allows them to monitor progress.

Call the School City of Hobart Technology Department for assistance 219-942-1388.


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