Noelani Howland: Nobody wins with bullying

2013-02-06T12:05:00Z Noelani Howland: Nobody wins with bullyingNoelani Howland | Next Generation Media, Joan Martin 5th grader

HOBART | I've been thinking a lot about what to do for a story and I thought bullying would be great topic.

Bullying ties into Team Lead. We have lots of our own Joan Martin fifth graders in Team Lead, which is a program to stop bullying and to help people with their problems like our guidance counselor Mrs.Finnerty does. I've been seeing bullying happen for a lot of years now and I haven't known what to do.

With Team Lead, it helped me solve my problems and others! I think that more and more kids are becoming bullies every day and it's hard on some people's lives, and this program is just what we need.

Let's take me for example, I used to be made fun of all day, every day and I never how to handle it. I felt lonely, sad, and hopeless, sometimes. I finally learned how to handle things like that and to trust my teachers with my problems or issues.

I have learned all of this from Team Lead, Mrs. Finnerty, and my teachers. So if you want to know what to do or have a problem go to your guidance counselor, teacher, or even talk to fellow classmates.

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