Repairs not enough to curb Hobart man's traffic concerns

2013-12-26T17:30:00Z 2013-12-26T18:27:40Z Repairs not enough to curb Hobart man's traffic concernsDeborah Laverty, (219) 762-1397, ext. 2223

HOBART | Resident Larry Brown believes corrections made by the city to a concrete median near Festival Park have not made it safer.

"It's dangerous, but they don't want to admit to it because they spent over $600,000 and don't want to admit to a mistake," Brown said.

Brown spoke of his concerns at a recent City Council meeting.

Mayor Brian Snedecor and other city officials told Brown improvements were made to the median and it is safe.

Brown countered that a newly installed 18-inch-wide concrete divider is dangerous if hit.

"I don't want my wife going down that street because if you hit it (the divider) you can't recover from it. You are going for a ride," Brown said.

City Engineer Phil Gralik last month said revisions would be made to make the median safer for drivers.

The revisions made by the city included the extension of the median with the addition of an 18-inch-wide concrete divider at both ends. Nine reflectors were also added on the east end of the median and 12 reflectors on the west end.

When Brown expressed his concerns, officials told him they would look into the configuration of the median curbing to determine if there were problems.

Brown said he lives close to the gateway and worries because cars speed up and down Old Ridge Road.

Snedecor said the median was placed near the entrance to Festival Park because the city wanted to soften the flow of traffic and allow pedestrians to cross.

The new gateway marking the city's new Lakefront District is the first of four planned.

The gateway near Festival Park is the only one with a median, Snedecor said.

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