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Merrillville considers buying flood storage properties

MERRILLVILLE | The town is exploring the possibility of acquiring privately owned flood storage properties throughout Merrillville.

October 16, 2014 5:26 pm

'Battle of Bulge' film shown Sunday at museum in M'ville

MERRILLVILLE | The Merrillville/Ross Township Historical Society will have its final meeting of the year at 1 p.m. Sunday at its museum, 13 W.…

October 16, 2014 12:05 am

Merrillville continues discussing clean fill facility Wednesday

MERRILLVILLE | The Town Council will continue its discussion about a proposed clean fill facility during a workshop session at 6 p.m. Wednesda…

October 16, 2014 12:05 am

M'ville panel prods Indian American, subdivision accord

MERRILLVILLE | The Plan Commission has given the developer of the proposed Hunter’s Glen subdivision a deadline to complete an agreement with …

October 12, 2014 8:41 pm

Merrillville considers possible nightclub security ordinance

MERRILLVILLE | If a new nightclub is proposed to open in Merrillville, a Plan Commission member wants to ensure there are adequate safety meas…

October 08, 2014 7:10 pm

Tuesday workshop to discuss planned M'ville clean fill facility

MERRILLVILLE | The public is encouraged to attend an informational workshop at 5 p.m. Tuesday at Town Hall, 7820 Broadway, to discuss a propos…

October 02, 2014 12:05 am

$75K allocated for M'ville park honoring unions

MERRILLVILLE | About two years after acquiring property to create a park to honor local unions, the town has earmarked funding for the project.

September 30, 2014 5:09 pm

Merrillville council rejects offer for Hendricks Park

MERRILLVILLE | The Town Council isn't satisfied with a bid received for one of the park properties Merrillville wanted to sell during a recent…

September 28, 2014 7:15 pm

Zoeller wants new tools to halt theft of public funds

INDIANAPOLIS | The Indiana Public Integrity Coalition, led by Attorney General Greg Zoeller, wants state lawmakers to approve new tools to cra…

September 26, 2014 11:08 am

Hebron adopts shared ethic agenda

HEBRON | The town of Hebron is joining the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission.

September 24, 2014 6:00 pm

Old Mill structure deemed unsafe; demolition urged

Old Mill structure deemed unsafe; demolition urged

MERRILLVILLE | The declining condition of the former Old Mill building has created a safety hazard the town looks to address by razing the facility.

September 03, 2014 9:00 pm Photos


Clean fill operation proposed for Merrillville

MERRILLVILLE | The town’s Board of Zoning Appeals is backing a potential clean fill facility.

August 31, 2014 4:25 pm

Company develoment plans bring promise of new jobs

MERRILLVILLE | Merrillville has several key economic development projects in the wings.

August 30, 2014 6:19 pm

Auction of Merrillville parkland attracts few bidders

MERRILLVILLE | The town missed out on $32,000 by not accepting an offer for Hendricks Park last year, Clerk-Treasurer Eugene Guernsey said.

August 27, 2014 5:15 pm

Merrillville puts park properties up for sale

MERRILLVILLE | The town is looking to sell two parcels of park property during an auction at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Town Hall, 7820 Broadway.

August 26, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillvillle commission eying grants to schools from redevelopment funds

MERRILLVILLE | Infrastructure projects are among the regular issues handled by the Merrillville Redevelopment Commission, but the panel is bre…

August 15, 2014 10:47 am

M'ville continues planning vacant, abandoned homes project

MERRILLVILLE | The town has already identified more than 100 vacant and abandoned homes in Merrillville, and officials believe there are many …

July 31, 2014 5:57 pm

Merrillville still updating parks master plan

MERRILLVILLE | Efforts continue to update the master plan for Merrillville’s Parks and Recreation Department, town officials said.

July 27, 2014 7:18 pm

M'ville, Gary dispute over sewer overflow aired Aug. 11

MERRILLVILLE | Court proceedings are scheduled for a Gary Sanitary District sewer overflow that allegedly occurred in Merrillville.

July 27, 2014 6:30 pm

Proposed ordiance would put teeth in blighted buildings enforcement

MERRILLVILLE | Town officials are pursuing better results from Merrillville’s unsafe and blighted properties hearings by compelling the owners…

July 27, 2014 12:00 am

National Night Out program planned Aug. 5 in Merrillville

MERRILLVILLE | The town will host a National Night Out event from 6 to 8 p.m. Aug. 5 at Town Hall, 7820 Broadway.

July 18, 2014 12:05 am

Merrillville still identifying vacant, abandoned homes

MERRILLVILLE | As town leaders continue efforts to fill longtime vacant and abandoned properties in Merrillville, a committee overseeing the p…

July 09, 2014 8:38 pm

Branch, brush pickup begins for residents in Merrillville

MERRILLVILLE | Waste Management, Merrillville waste hauler, has started providing weekly branch and brush pickup for residents.

July 08, 2014 12:05 am

Approval sought for assisted living facility

MERRILLVILLE | The building proposed for a new assisted living facility in Merrillville received praise from town officials during a recent Pl…

July 05, 2014 12:00 am

Fieldhouse appraisals pave way for plant?

MERRILLVILLE | Town leaders haven’t yet decided if they will provide incentives to a Korean pharmaceutical company interested in locating in M…

June 21, 2014 5:46 pm

Merrillville looks at options for getting abandoned homes occupied

MERRILLVILLE | A new state law set to go into effect July 1 could help Merrillville get vacant and abandoned homes occupied again, but not in …

June 18, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillville plans property acquisitions to curb urban blight

MERRILLVILLE | Efforts to reduce the number of abandoned and vacant homes in Merrillville are advancing.

June 15, 2014 6:36 pm

M'ville council to spend more than $1M for radio equipment

MERRILLVILLE | The town will spend more than $1 million to acquire new radios for police officers, firefighters and Emergency Management Agenc…

June 15, 2014 12:05 am

Merrillville putting two park properties up for auction

MERRILLVILLE | Two surplus park properties will be put up for auction, the Town Council decided.

June 15, 2014 12:05 am

Flood insurance premiums set to drop for Merrillville residents

MERRILLVILLE | Merrillville property owners required to have flood insurance could see their premiums drop by 15 percent this fall.

June 08, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillville to have second inspection of former Old Mill

MERRILLVILLE | The cost to save the former Old Mill property remains uncertain, but town officials plan to soon obtain a better understanding …

May 29, 2014 8:00 pm

Merrillville leaders support Orthodox cemetery

MERRILLVILLE | The Town Council has approved St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church's plans to create an Orthodox cemetery on the church's property …

May 28, 2014 7:45 pm

Temporary repairs on Mississippi Street to wrap in July

MERRILLVILLE | Work to smooth out Mississippi Street south of U.S. 30 is expected to start in coming weeks, Town Manager Bruce Spires said.

May 28, 2014 7:15 pm

Merrillville grants request for proposed charter school

MERRILLVILLE | The TRON/AGEK Educational Foundation has secured a location for a potential charter school in Merrillville.

May 28, 2014 7:00 pm

Korean pharmaceutical company could come to Merrillville

MERRILLVILLE | To entice a Korean pharmaceutical company to open a production facility in Merrillville, town leaders are contemplating purchas…

May 27, 2014 9:20 pm

Merrillville wants infrastructure guarantees at Foxmoor

MERRILLVILLE | A developer is interested in building on lots in the stalled-out Foxmoor residential community.

May 26, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillville has difficulty collecting fines

MERRILLVILLE | Town legal advisers are examining several issues involving citations and fines issued for violations found during fire inspections.

May 25, 2014 12:16 pm

Proposal alarming to M'ville leaders

MERRILLVILLE | Multiple town leaders oppose a proposed method of encouraging businesses to pay Merrillville's annual alarm permit renewal fee.

May 25, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillville acquires former Old Mill property

Merrillville acquires former Old Mill property

MERRILLVILLE | The former Old Mill pizza property has a new owner — the town of Merrillville.

May 22, 2014 9:15 pm Photos


Council to vote on charter school request Tuesday

MERRILLVILLE | Town councilmen have been asked to consider factors other than their opinions of charter schools when making a decision about a…

May 21, 2014 9:22 pm

Memorial tree plantings questioned; councilman walks out of meeting

MERRILLVILLE | Town Councilman Richard Hardaway walked out of Tuesday's meeting after memorial trees set to be planted in honor of his decease…

May 16, 2014 5:32 pm

Charter facilities dilute school funding, Lux warns M'ville council

MERRILLVILLE | As the Town Council continues to consider a special exception request for a proposed charter school, a former Merrillville scho…

May 14, 2014 6:07 pm

M'ville council considers incentives to land international company

MERRILLVILLE | Town officials haven't provided much information about an international company that is considering locating in Merrillville, b…

May 13, 2014 9:15 pm

M'ville subdivision could receive sanitary sewers from MCD

MERRILLVILLE | The Merrillville Conservancy District is willing to expand sanitary sewer service in the Southmoor Park subdivision.

May 12, 2014 12:00 am

Bond helps land commercial venture on Calumet Avenue

DYER | The Economic Development Commission has approved a bond sale that will help a new health care facility locate in town.

May 12, 2014 12:00 am

Shudick wins in Ross Township race

ROSS TOWNSHIP | Ross Township Democrats want Joseph Shudick to continue serving as their trustee.

May 07, 2014 12:00 am

Munster rolls out heavy artillery

MUNSTER | Should the town ever encounter a dangerous armed conflict or hostage situation, police officers will be able to bring out the heavy …

May 04, 2014 12:00 am

Two seek Ross trustee position

ROSS TOWNSHIP | The two Democratic candidates for Ross Township trustee are familiar with each other.

May 03, 2014 1:41 pm

Residents can apply for stormwater board seat

MERRILLVILLE | The town is seeking letters of interest from residents interested in serving on the Stormwater Management Board.

April 30, 2014 12:00 am

Merrillville board supports requests sought by businesses

MERRILLVILLE | It's taken more than a year, but plans for a new adult daycare facility are advancing in Merrillville.

April 27, 2014 7:00 pm

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