MERRILLVILLE | Dressed in feathered hats and other regalia, the Knights of Columbus led an anti-abortion demonstration Saturday outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Merrillville.

The group marched from the Catholic Diocese of Gary pastoral center near 93rd Avenue and Broadway to the Planned Parenthood center, 8645 Connecticut St. Some Knights of Columbus members were carrying a wooden cross as they marched.

They met with parishioners from local churches and other anti-abortion protesters outside Planned Parenthood.

The group, which consisted of dozens of people, prayed together before marching around the facility seven times.

Michael Velasco, pro‚Äźlife director of the Indiana Knights of Columbus, said the group believes no one has the right to take away a life.

Velasco became emotional when indicating his greatest joy is holding a baby.

Besides preventing abortions, the group also works to protect women because giving birth and caring for a child is natural, Velasco said.

He joked the march was causing the Planned Parenthood facility to come down because a piece of a sign on the center was gone and another piece appeared to be loose on the structure.

The group started the marches about five years ago, and they occur twice each year, Velasco said.

He said the weather during Saturday's event was much more pleasant than previous marches, but there were fewer people participating than in previous years.