Area Blackhawks fans celebrate Game 6 victory

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MUNSTER | Blackhawk fans celebrated after having their eyes glued to large flatscreen televisions broadcasting the game Monday night at Mark O's Bar and Grill in Munster.

Lansing resident Frank Trichak lost power at his house after a powerful storm struck the area, but that didn't stop him from watching the game. He sat with his wife, Jackie Trichak, in the back of the bar watching the game and yelling a few obscenities. 

"They aren't hitting enough," he said during the first couple of minutes of the game.

He has a ticket for Game 7 but he wanted to see the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup on Monday.

They did, eventually beating the Bruins, 3-2.

He had season tickets from 1970 to 2000. Frank Trichak said he knew Jackie Trichak was the one because she bought a rule book for hockey after he took her to Blackhawks games.

Frank Trichak said he and his wife had a few fireworks at their house they were thinking of setting off if the Blackhawks won the championship.

After the final moments of the amazing game, fireworks could be heard in the Highland area following the Blackhawks win. A driver honked a car's horn and yelled "Blackhawks" while driving down Highway Avenue in Highland.

At Rodney's Sports Bar in Highland, fans cheered during a replay of the final minute of the game.

Mike Petty, 38, of Highland, called his mother outside the bar following the win to tell her about it and that he won a Blackhawks jersey for her.

Petty said he predicted the team was going to win the cup after the fifth game of the season.

"It was a beautiful pass," he said about the last goal.

Petty said the bar temporarily lost power following a storm that moved through the area. He was among a group that huddled outside listening on a radio to the broadcast of the beginning of the game.

Jerry Woodward, 72, of Highland, was among the group that stayed at Rodney's to watch the game even when they lost power.

He watched the game with his wife, Nancy Woodward, and his daughter, Jenny Woodward.

"It's amazing," he said. "The Blackhawks were doing it all year, lots of close games. It's quite a victory for the Chicago area."

Nancy Woodward said they planned to continue celebrating at the bar.

Her friend Patty Stevenson, of Highland, said she turned to prayer for Monday's game.

"I thought they were going to win," she said. "I prayed to God."

Near bar at Mark O's, Paige Demy, 24, of Dyer, watched the game wearing a Patrick Kane jersey and a headpiece that matched the team's logo.

She has followed the Blackhawks for about eight years.

"I love the way it's fast paced and you never really know what's going on," Demy said.

Prior to the win, she predicted that if the Blackhawks were victorious, she planned to be "hungover for work tomorrow."

Brad Demik, 24, of Schererville, had a similar celebration plan for a Blackhawks win. He sat with three other friends at the bar and said they would buy each other shots if the team won.

He was nervous during the first period of the game.

"It'll be close," he said before the Stanley Cup was hoisted. "They are in Boston. Boston's going to want it."

At Traditions Restaurant & Pub in Highland, Diana Alonzo, 38, of Schererville, watched the game with friends. She said it was a fun atmosphere except for the temporary lose of power.

"Seeing my team win is magical," she said. "I can't watch the Cubs win but I can watch the Blackhawks."

Rob Niessan, 41, of Highland, came to the bar to watch the game after he lost power at his house.

"It was insane," Niessan said. "We thought we were coming back to Chicago."

Mandie Bednarek, the restaurant's bartender, said the bar used generators to keep the televisions going after power was knocked put by storms. She said she's a Blackhawks fan but didn't get to see the game because of how busy the bar was.

A line of the thunderstorms that moved through Northwest Indiana earlier Monday evening affected some area sports bars. The Charley Horse in Munster lost power, forcing the restaurant to close for the night. In Highland, Growlers and Rodney's Sports Bar temporarily lost power.

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