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A dog who was rescued from the side of a Hobart road on Monday near death is improving, rescue workers entrusted with her care said Friday.

"She was super happy when we came in and was more active than ever," Emily Halgrimson of Happy Tails Rescue Inc. in Munster said Friday morning of the female pit bull named Polly.

"Her tail wags and she squirms around wishing she could get up."

Polly was discovered by a passerby on Ind. 130 in Hobart near the Humane Society of Hobart, 2054 E. Ind. 130, who brought the dog into the shelter. At the time, Polly could not raise her head or stand and had pressure sores and yellow stains on her body indicating she likely had to lie in her own urine.

The dog was cold to the touch and her body temperature was so low it did not register on the thermometer. Staff members said Polly was severely dehydrated and malnourished and weighed just 19.7 pounds.

A female pit bull of her size generally weighs at least twice that much.

Humane Society workers quickly contacted Halgrimson, who took the dog to the Westchester Animal Clinic in Chesterton for treatment. At the time, clinic staff and Halgrimson were unsure if the dog would survive.

She was unable to eat without vomiting and was being given fluids and vitamins while staff members tried to keep her warm.

Halgrimson visited Polly Friday and said she was more hopeful about Polly's chances of survival.

Since Monday, Polly has gained five pounds and is eating ravenously in small amounts and drinking well, Halgrimson said.

Her temperature was back to normal range as well.

"She's still not out of the woods, but the signs are positive so far," Halgrimson said. "It's obvious she loves the clinic staff. We all think if she makes it through this she will be an incredibly sweet dog."

Happy Tails began raising funds to pay for Polly's care through an online donation site on Monday with the hopes of collecting $1,500. They exceeded that amount by Wednesday. As of Friday, the group raised $3,300. 

Halgrimson said any additional funds collected will be used to care for the group's efforts with other rescue dogs.