The Times

SCHERERVILLE — The plan commission got its first look at possible future improvements for Burr Street during its October study session.

Robinson Engineering presented its Burr Street traffic and drainage study during the meeting. The review during the meeting was an introduction, giving “everybody (time) to chew on it,” said Town Manager Robert Volkmann. The study will be revisited at a future planning meeting once all commissioners have had a chance to look at it.

The study was meant to examine accident and traffic data and to make projections regarding future traffic demands on Burr Street based on those findings. It also is meant to make recommendations regarding stormwater management and street improvements. The study’s scope involves the area of Burr Street between U.S. 30 and 75th Avenue.

The outlook in the report is longterm and makes suggestions for drainage, striping of lanes, traffic control and wider road configuration. For example, the intersection of Burr and U.S. 30 could be widened, and the lane stripings better marked.

In terms of drainage, as vacant land along Burr continues to develop, the town could coordinate a regional detention system that could be used by multiple developers, the study concluded.

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