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Campagna Academy grateful for those who help others

2013-09-27T00:00:00Z Campagna Academy grateful for those who help othersBy Elena Dwyre Times Columnist
September 27, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Social responsibility is something that you hear about often, whether people are talking about a corporation or an individual’s sense of social responsibility.

As I write about creating "Ripples of Hope," I can’t think of a better example of this than the massive potential one human being has to create a real impact in our community. The needs of our communities are many, and attacking the types of problems that exist in almost every community can seem overwhelming, if not impossible.

Last week, Campagna Academy held an event to recognize our many volunteers and thank them for their support and their gift of time and talent to our organization. We celebrated more than 200 volunteers who are a true example of what social responsibility is all about.

Seeing what our incredibly generous volunteers can do for our children certainly gives us hope and teaches us about what one individual alone can do for our communities.

A volunteer, Sarah, approached me that evening and shared her story, stating that she had been longing to engage in her community with issues that need positive change. College life consumed her time and four years slipped by without her really having the opportunity to reach out and get involved.

Campagna gave her an opportunity to start to find her volunteer niche and tune into her innate desire to give back. Sarah stated that she understands the true meaning of compassion. “I have been so fortunate with this life and it is time to focus some effort and time on making someone else just as lucky."

Social Responsibility is no longer just a buzzword and it’s no longer a question of whether or not companies and individuals should engage in corporate or social responsibility, but to what extent will they do so, and how will they create and communicate real and meaningful impact.

I recently read an article that said that more individuals consider social and environmental issues when deciding where to work, what to buy, where to shop and which products and services to recommend to others.

The time has come when we cannot just rely on others – each one of us has to our part. Increasingly, companies are also waking up to their responsibilities to the environment, the larger community and the global implications of their activities.

To me, it is all about addressing how we live our lives and the impact we have on everything and everyone around us, both in our local community, statewide and globally.

At Campagna Academy, we see the generosity first-hand from individuals and the many local businesses that support our youth. I want to thank you for supporting our mission of restoring hope and building dreams for at-risk youth and their families.

Elena Dwyre, MS, LSW is CEO of Campagna Academy in Schererville. Contact her at or (219) 322-8614, or visit for more information. Opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

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