Letter from the Chamber Administrator

2013-06-03T10:29:00Z Letter from the Chamber AdministratorEvelyn Jones Schererville Chamber Administrator nwitimes.com

Schererville’s changed a lot since the Scherer family settled here many

years ago.  I’m asked questions all the time about Schererville, as many

different questions there are, there’s always an answer that fits, from why

to live, shop or dine here.       

If you like a Town Government, between Schererville’s Town Council, an

excellent Town Manager, great Police Force and a Fire Department that just

proved its weight in gold, Schererville’s perfect. 

The Town’s Park-Recreation Department’s parks and bike trails are welcoming,

their programs are for everyone, young to old, and their Thursday Farmer’s

Market is a great night out.

Snow gets plowed, leaves and twigs are gathered, permits and licenses are

handled by men and women dedicated to the town and its residents. 

Moving?  There are several nice apartment complexes, small starter homes and

large residences, some with their own golf course or lake.  Not looking to

do “up-keep” there are several “homeowner association” neighborhoods and a

new senior residence facility.

Don’t forget our great school corporation, Lake Central, one of the best in

the state, and their teachers and staff really care for our students. 

The new shopping center’s (coming soon) shops and restaurants will blend

nicely with all the shopping and dining Schererville now offers.  It never

ceases to amaze me how all our hardware stores can be so busy every day,

almost as busy as Strack’s!   

We have always had great dining, remember Sauzer’s Restaurant’s Garbage

Omelet, gone but not forgotten.  Thankfully, even over 80 years, we still

have Grandma Teibel’s chicken and perch at Teibel’s Family restaurant.  As

Schererville has grown, so has our food choices, from pizza and pasta, egg

rolls, gyros, tacos and any kind of sandwich to frozen yogurt, ice cream and

blizzards, it’s here. 

If you’re planning a big event, we have several great banquet facilities and

hotels for visitors.   

Putting all this aside, Schererville’s founding fathers and mothers would be

proud that we’ve kept our sense of family, faith, community, and a desire to

let Schererville grow yet keep it a safe place for everyone. 

They would be happy their residents have the choice to worship as they want.

From the founding of  St. Michael’s in the late 1800’s, Immanuel

Presbyterian Church in the 1960’s (now celebrating its 50th year) to the

many other places of worship that have found homes in Schererville, God has

always been welcome.   

They would be glad that our veterans have a home at Schererville’s American

Legion Post 485, and that the St. John War Memorial is located downtown. 

They would have liked that our residents help others, the Masons, the

Schererville Lions Clubs, Civic Funds, St. John Township Center and others,

many faith based. 

They would like that we all get together at town events, the NWI Symphony on

July 19, the Town Festival June 19-23, Fireworks, July 3,  the

Chamber’s 50th AYCE Corn Roast, July 26, welcoming Santa and more (more

listed on the Chamber's website,  www.46375.org.),

They would be proud of what they started.

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