Running for Lake offices can be challenging

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February 18, 2014 6:15 pm  • 

CROWN POINT | A Schererville man wants a St. John Township official tossed off the May 6 ballot because she hasn't taken a traditional married name.

A Cedar Lake Republican's bid for a seat on the Hanover Township board could be defeated before the first vote is cast.

They are among candidates for the spring primary being challenged by opponents on technical grounds. The bipartisan Lake County election board will meet Tuesday to rule on the challenges.

Daniel Langmesser, of Schererville, claims St. John Township Trustee Jean E. Shepherd is ineligible to run for another term in office as the administrator of township assistance and other government services in the Tri-Town area because that isn't her legal name.

Langmesser filed a complaint stating her true name should be Jean E. Adams, following her marriage to the late Hank Adams, who served as St. John Township assessor and county assessor until his death last fall.

Shepherd said she has advised her friends and supporters to remain calm.

"Hank and I discussed it, and I never changed my name when we married. Mr. Langmesser doesn't realize these are modern times, and you don't have to do that," Shepherd said.

Langmesser who is running against Shepherd in the GOP primary, couldn't be reached Tuesday for comment.

Michelle Fajman, the elections director, is challenging George Vukmirovich, of Cedar Lake, on grounds he applied for a public office that doesn't exist.

She said Vukmirovich told an elections board employee during the last hour of candidate filing he wanted to run for Cedar Lake Township Board, an apparent confusion between the town of Cedar Lake and Hanover Township, which coincides with the western half of Cedar Lake.

She said the filing period was over by the time she spoke with Vukmirovich and cleared up that he wanted to run for the Hanover Township Board.

Winfield Township Board member Sherry Gasparovic is challenging the eligibility of Dana Voss-Stepp, of Winfield Township, to run as a Democratic candidate for that board, on grounds her candidate application paperwork wasn't completed before the deadline at noon Feb. 7.

Voss-Stepp couldn't be reached for comment.

Donna Venbeeken, of Schererville, claims Jesus L. Ortiz Jr. cannot be a candidate for county assessor because he isn't a county resident. Ortiz couldn't be reached for comment.

St. John Town Councilman Gregory J. Volk claims his opponent in the Republican primary, Susan Suroviak of St. John, cannot prove she is a member of the GOP since she hasn't voted as a Republican in recent primaries and hasn't been otherwise certified by party leaders. Suroviak couldn't be reached for comment.

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