Updating a positive program at Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln Elementary School second-grade teacher Kelly Ryan explains an updated behavior reward program to student Kennedy Wilk. Kennedy is eager to take a look at the shiny new tokens available.

CEDAR LAKE — In 2015, the PAWS (Positive Actions Will Succeed) reward program was introduced at Lincoln Elementary School. The program rewards students who exhibit specific behaviors or actions that exemplify one or more of the school’s five critical values: respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty and compassion.

With help from the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at the school new Principal Frank Zaremba is introducing changes to the program. Students recognized through the program will be given a silver token emblazoned with the phrase; “Super Student Award” to use in a new 'reward tower' which holds several machines, containing various prizes in each machine. Students will select which machine they want to use. Students will be called to the lobby area of the school on Friday mornings to meet Zaremba and explain how they earned their reward. Their stories will be shared with the entire student body, as well as each student’s family.

The new redemption system will give the students an opportunity to meet their new principal, and give Zaremba the opportunity to personally meet more students and re-enforce the importance of incorporating the five critical values of Lincoln into student’s daily activities at the school.

The PTO plans on distributing a limited number of tokens to teachers and staff at the school several times a year making the receipt of a token very meaningful for the students.

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