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A name is a name, unless it's a nickname

2013-05-30T00:00:00Z A name is a name, unless it's a nicknameBy Gayle Faulkner Kosalko Times Columnist
May 30, 2013 12:00 am  • 

What's in a name? In Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," Juliet pretty much says that a thing is what it is rather than what name you call it. I disagree. Names are important.

I love nicknames, probably because I never really had one. The name Gayle doesn't really lend itself to much.

I had a nickname in high school, but just my closest friends used it. Actually, at our most recent class reunion, one of my classmates greeted me with that name. It brought back a lot of memories.

When someone on the phone refers to my husband as Charles, I know immediately they don't know Chuck and just want to sell him something.

When I first got married and I would hear somebody refer to me as Mrs. Kosalko, I immediately assumed Chuck's mother was around somewhere. That took a long time to get used to.

Nowadays, many women, including my own daughter, are not so quick to take their husband's last name in lieu of their own. Jonna has remained Jonna Kosalko and even though I am a traditionalist, I kind of like that because Chuck is the last of the Kosalko line.

As far as my name goes, I only insert the Faulkner when doing theater or when writing as a tribute to my parents, since any talent I might have comes from years of their constant support and love of creativity.

What I don't like is people changing their names. If your name has been Suzy for the last 45 years and now you won't answer unless you are addressed as Suzanne, that gripes me.

While Suzy may have had an epiphany that inspired her name change, I have not, and to be perfectly honest, with my dwindling memory, one is lucky that I can even recall your name during a conversation, let alone a name change.

Name changes that I really hate are thoseĀ  for stadiums and theaters. I will never refer to the Shubert Theatre as Bank of America Theatre. In the same respect, I would never refer to their financial institution as the Shubert Bank.

What says theater more than the Shubert name? This cross-pollination is frustrating. And even though I know nothing of sports, I do know that changing the beloved name Comiskey Park to U.S. Cellular Field just dumped decades of baseball memories for many fans.

We were just at a magnificent Faulkner wedding in Rockford. It took place in the wonderful old 1927 Coronado Theatre, which is as baroque as can be. The wedding had a theatrical theme.

They cleverly had a large sign named "Guest Stars" with attendees names in alphabetical order to list your table number. I went to find mine but my name wasn't on the list. I checked it again and I still wasn't listed.

After a minute or two it occurred to me that since I was now surrounded by Faulkner cousins, I had mentally reverted 40 years. I was looking under the F's instead of the K's for my last name.

And now you realize why I'll never be able to call you "Suzanne."

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