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Crosstown couples can keep rivalry alive at Whiting library

2013-08-15T00:00:00Z Crosstown couples can keep rivalry alive at Whiting libraryBy Gayle Faulkner Kosalko Times Columnist
August 15, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Our Whiting Public Library always has something interesting on display. This month their display is entitled "Defend Your Turf" with football memorabilia from both Whiting and George Rogers Clark high schools to highlight the crosstown rivalry between the two football teams.

The game between the Oilers and the Pioneers is probably the most exciting and important game of the season for loyal fans. Naturally, throughout high school, my friends and I attended all the home games.

Since I knew nothing about football and can still claim that distinction today, I just took my cue from those around me - whether to stand up and cheer or sit there and boo. I basically went for the popcorn.

I had a good friend on the football team who constantly tried to teach me what how the game was played. I saw him recently and somehow sports came up because he's spent his life as a coach, sportswriter and announcer.

I told him that I remembered it had something to do with seven men in the front and five in the back. He just laughed, but was pleased that I got something out of our conversations. Now, please don't email me if I've still got the information wrong because, honestly, I'm never going to remember anyway.

Halftime (or intermission, as I refer to it) was usually fun, especially when I was in the marching band. We'd rehearse before school every day and I guess we spelled things out on the field or made images as we played. Naturally, since I was on the field, I don't know if they ever really looked like anything recognizable, but the concept was cool.

In later years, I remember being impressed when one of the football players actually went out in his football uniform and played with the band. He was the best trumpeter in the school band and since Whiting is a small school, sometimes one had to do double duty.

I thought it said a lot about how well-rounded this student was.

In keeping with its Whiting-Clark theme, the library's display for September is one that I think is particularly original. It's called "Cross Town Romances." They're looking for couples with one from Clark and the other from Whiting. They would like to display photos of the couples. They'll just scan it for you right there at the library, 1735 Oliver St., or you can email your photo and information to

I'm looking forward to seeing just how many couples contact them and, of course, looking at old wedding photos is always interesting.

I guess my husband and I are a "crosstown romance" although we didn't even meet until we were both out of college. We met doing "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Marian Theatre Guild in Whiting, oft called the Marrying Theatre Guild since it's produced quite a few married couples as well.

So no matter where you live now, if you're part of a "crosstown romance," score by getting your name included in the library's "roster" of players.

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