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The secret shopping for "fun things" is to get there early

2013-06-06T00:00:00Z The secret shopping for "fun things" is to get there earlyBy Gayle Faulkner Kosalko Times Columnist
June 06, 2013 12:00 am  • 

My ears were burning during Garage Mahal a few weekends ago. I have a couple of good friends who said they discussed how next year they're going to secretly follow me on my journey through the community garage sale to see where I go to find the fun things that I do.

Little do they realize that the real secret is to get there before I do, otherwise I've already bought the fun thing!

This year was no exception. And it seems there's always one that got away. This year it was a wonderful wooden coffee bin that still had the original paper advertising on it. It was definitely from the turn of the last century.

I saw it and asked how much. It was only $10 but had already been sold. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was as can be seen by the fact that it's been weeks since Garage Mahal and I'm still mourning the loss.

But I did get a wonderful piece of stained glass in a wooden frame for $15. I actually know the lovely lady that it once belonged to, which makes it extra special to me. She loved antiques and had so many beautiful pieces, so I treasure this one on a really personal level.

I was good this year. I did not buy any little tables. I did have one vicarious joyful experience as I watched a woman buy a very cool old 1940's radio cabinet for $10.

My husband was looking for a weed whacker, so I figured that would be my hook for the day. At the first sale that grabbed my eye, I said to him, "Boy, I bet they have a weed whacker somewhere."

We stopped and they didn't, until I told the woman how the promise of a weed whacker was going to be my impetus to get Chuck to go from sale to sale. She told us to wait a minute. Five minutes later she came out with a weed whacker.

I had already bought a small piece of luggage that I wanted to find at Garage Mahal, so by 8:50 a.m. Chuck and I had fulfilled our needs. That left another three hours (my stamina isn't what it used to be) to just find fun things.

My big buy of the day was a beautiful antique mantel clock with gilded cherubs posing on the sides. From checking it out on Ebay, it looks like it came from the early 1900's at the latest. It's very ornate and heavier than heck.

I had a hard time lifting it high enough to put it on our mantelpiece, but it's particularly cool and only cost $25. Now granted, the clock has no hands. I didn't even notice that, but if I really need to find out what time it is, I can always look at the ugly digital clock by the TV.

This mantle clock is a work of art and, in this case, as with all works of art, it is "timeless."

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