LAPORTE | Kevin Craig would go over to a neighbor's house in LaPorte and play with her kids. Then he began talking with one of the children on Facebook.

Eventually, he and the 14-year-old girl began having sex. That's the picture drawn by allegations in LaPorte Circuit Court, where Craig, 26, was arraigned Friday on two counts of Class B felony sexual misconduct with a minor.

According to court documents, police became involved after the girl's mother, while questioning her daughter about the amount of time she was spending with Craig, was told by her they had sex. Before approaching Craig, police also were given printouts of a Facebook conversation he had with a friend of the girl's who told him that what happened was wrong.

Craig's response on Facebook to her friend was ''I've never done anything like this before. I'm not making any excuses. I know it was wrong,'' according to court documents.

LaPorte Police Detective Jim Ferguson said Craig told investigators that he would ''hang out'' at the woman's house in the neighborhood and play with her kids, according to court documents. At some point, the girl and Craig began conversing on Facebook and he began giving her rides to school. Craig said she would hold his hand on the way to school and their relationship was progressing ''slowly but surely'' when she invited him over to her house in October. Her parents were gone and while watching a movie together on the couch they allegedly had sex, police said.

Court documents revealed there was another sexual encounter about two weeks later in the defendant's Jeep outside a LaPorte supermarket. Craig has since relocated to Winamac and was allowed to remain free on the bond he posted after his arrest to await the outcome of the case. He could face anywhere from a six- to 20-year sentence on each count.