The Seven Christmas Dwarfs

2013-12-27T13:31:00Z The Seven Christmas DwarfsContributed by Jane Daley Community Relations Manager LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau

MICHIGAN CITY | Remember the story last Christmas time about Angel, the little blind dog that needed an operation on her eyes, and then needed to find a forever home? Well, that little dog was reunited with her family. They found their dog still alive after being missing for over a month, thanks to the efforts of a vet who donated his time to operate on her eyes and the Michiana Humane Society staff that knew she was special.

This year Christmas came early to the Michiana Humane Society SPCA (MHS). In November they received seven, tiny, three-day-old puppies. They were delivered to the MHS by a couple from Michigan City. The couple found the puppies under their porch where the babies were trying, without success, to nurse from their mother. Tragically, their mother was no longer alive, having died either during or shortly after their birth. It was a miracle that the seven puppies had survived.

Instead of calling animal control, this generous couple rescued the puppies themselves and fed them dog milk replacer with an eye dropper until the expense became too great for the couple. It was then that they brought the seven little balls of fur to the MHS. Since the puppies looked identical, although some were black and some were brown, they were nicknamed the seven dwarfs, from the fairy tale Snow White. As the puppies were still only about a week old and needed to be fed three times a day, a wonderful volunteer took all seven home, where she is presently fostering them and they are thriving.

I talked with new MHS director Johanna Humbert, who said "No matter what time of year it is, we here at MHS always have the same problem and always need volunteers, monetary donations and a wish list that needs to be filled. It takes $25,000 to $30,000 a month to keep our doors open and without the generous donations from the public, the Michiana Humane Society and our animals could not exist.”

Humbert went on to say, “These seven little cuties are thriving in foster care! Now five weeks old, they have been introduced to solid food and should be available for adoption after the first of the year. While this story is particularly heart-warming during the holiday season, taking care of unwanted and abandoned animals happens 365 days a year at the shelter. The Michiana Humane Society SPCA is committed to caring for and finding homes for these animals, and promoting the well-being of all the animals in LaPorte County IN and Berrien County, MI. I encourage everyone to be part of the solution! Your tax-deductible donation will help to move our mission forward.”

For more information please visit or call 219-872-4499.

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